The Best Affordable Designer Bags for Women

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Looking for affordable designer bags? You are at the right place!

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We are all wishing for a designer handbag of the greatest labels, such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes and more. However, their price can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, there are bounteous numbers of brands that offer superior quality bags at an affordable price. You can look chic and modern with a handbag that costs several times less, and yet indulge the feeling of luxury.

If you've just landed that huge bonus you have worked so hard for, and want to reward yourself with a memorable piece of luxury, check out the 17 designer handbag timeless classics and choose a bag that will last you a lifetime.

Until then, browse these affordable designer bags brands to get that trendy look right now - just click on the link below to jump to the desired section:

BY FAR Handbags

The BY FAR brand is among our favorites, as it is developed by three ladies from Bulgaria - the homeland of Fashion Finder. However, that's not the only reason. The brand's focus is on quality products that cater to the women's needs in today's modern life. The BY FAR handbags are timeless and yet innovative, and come at a very affordable price. Some of the popular bags' models are the BY FAR Baby Cush, the Rachel, the Amira and the Amber.

The best thing about the BY FAR bags is that they can be styled both with a casual outfit or for a night out. Classy and extravagant, any BY FAR bag will turn a dull dress into a runway outfit. Choose a more dramatic color, such as pistachio green or bright blue, or go for a more neutral bag to blend in your outfit.

If you are looking to complete your look, aim for a pair of BY FAR shoes. Overall, BY FAR are one of the best options for affordable designer bags that will stand out from the crowd.

BY FAR чанти affordable bag


The FURLA bags have become a symbol of the quality everyday handbag of the modern business woman. For almost 100 years now the brand offers luxury accessories to a broad audience with its comfortable and stylish goods. With an excellent materials selection, you cannot go wrong with a FURLA handbag without breaking your budget.

Thus, if you are looking for affordable designer bags that will ensure you a reputation of style, FURLA is a superb alternative. And if you manage to get a FURLA bag on sale, you can enjoy it at a price at about 200 euro.

A bag of this style will mix and match perfectly with a pair of heeled shoes or leather boots of a complementing color.

FURLA affordable designer bags in blue

Michael Michael Kors Bags

Another New York designer, the MICHAEL Michael Kors collection includes women's handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear apparel. The practical and elegant design of this label’s handbags is also very affordable, thus we see them on ladies of all ages, including younger women. 

No doubt, the Michael Kors accessories have taken over the everyday life of ladies around the world. It's not surprising, as the bags are both comfortable and stylish, with a distinct character that can be easily be spotted. Offering affordable designer bags in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Michael Kors brand share a selection of tote bags, crossbody bags, shoulder bags and backpacks

The colors vary, but many of the designer bags of Michael Kors are in the distinct for the brand brown and beige monogram style, or black which is ideal to style with a pair of black women's sneakers. To complete the look, there is usually a chain detail or logo plaque of golden hue.

michael kors affordable designer bags

PINKO Handbags

The fresh and distinguishable design of the PINKO handbags has won the hearts of millions. With their quilted options, and calf leather pieces, the PINKO brand has an youthful appeal. Offering fashionable and yet inexpensive accessories, PINKO is another alternative for affordable designer bags filled with vibe. Hurry up and freshen your wardrobe NOW, as these supreme bags sell out really fast!

Marc Jacobs

Famous mostly with the comfy Snapshot crossbody bags, the brand is a suitable choice if you are fond of this bag model. Other more classic handbags are also available and you should not miss the opportunity to discover fairly infamous types of affordable designer bags of this brand. The New York born Mark Jacobs was the creative director of Louis Vuitton till 2014 – the label that’s coming up next on our list.

The Marc Jacobs bags have a sporty look and combine ideally with a pair of designer sneakers. And if you'd like shoes that are really versatile and you can wear with almost anything, get ideas on how to select the perfect pair and why white trainers are such a good choice.

Marc Jacobs fashion bag

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Kate Spade New York

The elegant, feminine and comfortable handbags of Kate Spade New York are an excellent choice for the everyday attire. The colors range from neutrals to bright yellow and orange, presenting you with an abundant designer handbag collection. The spade logo resembles the symbol of the playing cards, and much like the history of this creator, the styles are sundry and fresh.

More Affordable Designer Bags Brands

The are so many great brands that offer designer handbags at a price that can be in line with our spending. Usually the bag's price depends on the materials it is constructed of, together with the brand and new versus old collections. Below are some additional picks to refresh your closet this season. Help yourself to our useful information on the important aspects you need to know about the women's handbags and check out the latest handbags trends to make the right choice for you. Don't hesitate to check out the brands below, as your dream bag may be waiting for you within a click away!

It's vital that your bag matches your wardrobe as well. If you have found your dream bag, but don't have the right women's shoes or jeans, we can help out. Keep yourself warm and chic with one of our 40 long coats for women to buy now.


Especially suited if you like black and white stripes, or a spike of yellow, an Off-White designer handbag may be an excellent addition to a jeans-and-shirt outfit, combined with a black leather jacket, for instance. The Off-White brand offer other colors as well, and their distinct design will not go unnoticed. The four arrows logo, together with the prominent designs, deliver an unmistakable look.

Alexander McQueen

An award winner of “British Fashion Designer of the Year”, the Alexander McQueen label has so much to offer. Famous for the controversial and unconventional ideas, an Alexander McQueen designer bag is suitable for the bold and challenging personas. Underline your character with a statement piece of this brand.

Tory Burch

The distinct logo of the Tory Burch label is always a symbol of taste. Priced in the mid-range, these beauties can complement a wide variety of outfits. The brand offers a selection of stylish shoes as well, thus if you like to match bags and shoes, get yourself a pair of Tory Burch loafers alongside the bag.

Jimmy Choo

Although the label became famous for its handmade women's shoes, Jimmy Choo will astonish you with an attractive and daring designer handbag, too. Your look will never be boring with a designer handbag of this remarkable label. The Malaysian-born stylist inherited the handicraft from his father, a shoemaker who crafted all the footwear by hand. With so much experience in the family, it is not unexpected that the Jimmy Choo models are made to perfection.

Stella McCartney

A Vogue Designer of the Year award winner, the Stella McCartney label will bring a fresh glint to your closet. Not only the shoulder bags are exciting – the clothes by this fashion creator are also exceptionally chic, even the comfortable everyday garments.

Tom Ford

Bringing his past experience as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent to the brand, Tom Ford has developed a style for the strong, intelligent and independent woman. If you possess these characteristics, the Tom Ford bags may suit your liking.

жълта чанта

Even more affordable options available

If you enjoy the luxury bags list above, but are looking for a more affordable designer handbags, click this button to view our offerings for handbags under 100 euro. Some are with a discount of -60% and their real value is 250 euro or more. So don’t hesitate to take a look and take advantage of this huge sale.

Didn't see a bag you like? We've got more designer handbags

Of course, there are a lot more ideas for stylish designer handbags. The well-known companies of some of our favorite designers are listed here as excellent alternatives. However, they are all of the highest fashion caliber and are well worth looking at.

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