PINKO straight-leg ripped jeans – Blue
128  -50%
27 Waist
Patrizia Pepe cropped boyfriend jeans – Black
Patrizia Pepe
88  -50%
29 Waist
LIU JO flared high-waist jeans – Blue
101  -25%
24 Waist
TWINSET high-rise straight-leg jeans – Blue
127  -31%
25 Waist, 29 Waist, 30 Waist
Philipp Plein high waist jeggings – Yellow
Philipp Plein
239  -60%
25 Waist, 26 Waist, 27 Waist, 28 Waist, 31 Waist
Philipp Plein Super High-Waist skinny jeans – Blue
Philipp Plein
187  -60%
28 Waist
Philipp Plein high-rise skinny ripped-detail jeans – Blue
Philipp Plein
208  -60%
27 Waist, 29 Waist
Levi’s 724™ high-rise straight jeans – Blue
50  -60%
24 Waist
Dsquared2 distressed light-wash skinny jeans – Grey
254  -60%
34, 38, 40, 42, 44
Philipp Plein high-rise cropped paint print jeans – Blue
Philipp Plein
324  -60%
25 Waist, 26 Waist
Dsquared2 Jennifer distressed skinny jeans – Grey
254  -60%
38, 40, 42
Dsquared2 Smiley Boston straight-leg jeans – Blue
502  -60%
Philipp Plein Miss slim-fit jeans – Black
Philipp Plein
421  -60%
26 Waist
Philipp Plein Iconic Plein slim-fit jeans – Black
Philipp Plein
453  -60%
25 Waist, 26 Waist, 27 Waist
Philipp Plein high waisted jeggings – Pink
Philipp Plein
237  -60%
28 Waist, 31 Waist
Philipp Plein ripped-detail denim shorts – Blue
Philipp Plein
216  -60%
26 Waist, 27 Waist, 28 Waist
Philipp Plein slim fit jeans – Pink
Philipp Plein
476  -60%
25 Waist
Philipp Plein Iconic slim fit jeans – White
Philipp Plein
453  -60%
30 Waist
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Dating back to 1873, the blue jeans have taken over the world in a swift. Initially worn only by men, in 1943 Levi’s introduced the first model crafted exclusively for ladies. And the garment has been a preferred outfit for women ever since.

Can you imagine your life without jeans? Be it blue jeans, black options, white or distressed, slim fit or boyfriend style, we can’t picture a world without jeans because they have become such a fashion mainstay. There is a reason that women especially love denim jeans – simple to wear everywhere and are no longer just for cowboys and miners. Jeans are a type of clothing that can be dressed up or down and can be worn with almost anything. Jeans are great for everyday wear, but can also be worn for a night out or with a blazer for a day at the office. If you’re looking for a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear to work, around town, or out with friends, go for a pair of jeans.

If you are a jeans lover, most probably you’ll have a few pairs in your closet to fit your lifestyle. Let’s go over the main jean types and ensure you are not missing out on a pair that would complement your wardrobe.

Popular Models of Designer Jeans for Women:

  • Straight leg jeans: Need a pair of denims that will always be in style? Straight-leg jeans are always a good choice. They’re a must-have for your favorite ensembles, from tees to blouses, and are always in vogue. However, do mind your body type – straight leg jeans may not be the best choice if you are quite curvy or petite.
  • Mom jeans for women: guess what? The mom jeans are not just for moms. Actually, they are quite trendy among younger girls as well. With the ultimate comfort they provide, you can add some fashionable edge to your everyday life with a pair of mom jeans for women.
  • Cropped jeans: Here is a model that is ideal for smaller women. Generally, the length for cropped jeans is slightly above the ankle. It’s a proportion that looks equally fashionable on people of different heights as well. Cropped jeans are the perfect springtime wardrobe essential, and may be styled well with heels, sneakers and flat shoes. Not great to wear with boots, though.
  • Skinny jeans: for women with a gorgeous figure, regardless if slim or curvy, the skinny jeans will underline the silhouette when going clubbing with your besties. The stretch material will ensure they fit tightly to your body. Complement them with a pair of high boots, pumps or heeled sandals, or just wear your favorite flats. The skinny jeans can be dressed with for a variety of looks.
  • High waist jeans for women: if you’d like your jeans to stay in place and not pull down when you sit, the high waist jeans are your way to go. In addition, they are so trendy at the moment, so put away your low rise pairs. Complete the look with a sexy crop top. Choose between high-waisted cropped jeans, skinny fit, or high waist straight leg jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans for women: an ideal solution if you are on a fashion hunt for stylish, comfortable jeans, as the fit of the boyfriend jeans is more relaxed. You can choose between boyfriend jeans with cuffs or distressing, and they will pair just perfect with your designer sneakers.
  • Ripped jeans: Searching for current fashion? Get a pair of ripped jeans women adore for their grungy, tattered look, especially if you add a leather jacket, a cropped tee. Adding a studded bag and oversize jewelry will take this outfit to the next level.
  • Flared jeans for women: this model is excellent for underlining your femininity as it envisions a hourglass shape. They can be styled with sneakers or with heeled shoes, depending on their length and fit. The flared jeans for women look gorgeous with a top with puff sleeves, for example, as the oversized sleeves will balance the flared legs.
  • Lift & Shape jeans: in the past couple of years, the Brazilian style bootie has become an aspiration to fashionistas around the globe. With some work at the gym, and the help of a pair of Lift or Shape jeans, the goal can be achieved.
  • Dad jeans for women: OK, this may sound as an oxymoron, but dad jeans are a real trend among ladies now. With their higher waist, combined with loose and relaxed legs, these are a comfy alternative to the mom and boyfriend jeans.

Fashionable colors and finishes:

  • Blue jeans: the ancestor that is still the most popular choice. They come in variety of hues, from light to very dark and indigo blue shades. The contemporary models are finished with various wash styles, ripped spots and embellishments.
  • Black jeans for women: black is the new blue in terms of jeans color. Black skinny jeans are very attractive and functional. For a night out with the girls, pair them with killer heels and a slinky top, and for a coffee date in the afternoon, pair them with ankle booties and a warm jacket. Black straight jeans can be worn as a substitute of casual trousers, and are just dandy for your office errands.
  • White jeans for women: these are so classy and look gorgeous. Especially the white skinny jeans women so often choose for a night out. However, white denim is not that practical for everyday wear as it gets dirty quite easily.
  • Grey jeans: women sometimes prefer a more dusky color for pants, especially if they want to underline their top or shoes. Grey denim styles perfectly with white t-shirt and black leather jacket and black sneakers, for example.
  • Embroidered jeans: want a pair that will turn heads? Go for embroidered jeans that combine some vibrant colors. This style is reserved for women only, and brings flair and colorful mood to any outfit.
  • Distressed jeans: this type of processing a denim gives the jean a worn worn look and is a popular choice when looking to portray a vintage look.

Selecting the fit for your body type

When choosing jeans for women, it’s important to stay true to your figure. The designer brands like Philipp PleinDsquared2 and PINKO offer denim that fit a diverse range of body types, so there’s no need to feel restricted in your choice of jeans. But how do you know which jeans are right for you? Well, there is no one answer to this question, as different women have different body types and preferences. However, when looking for jeans for women, some key things to keep in mind are your figure type, height, and lifestyle. When shopping for jeans, it’s important to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Choose a comfortable fit – You don’t want your jeans to be too tight or too loose. If you’re going after a denim for everyday wear, a good rule of thumb is to buy your jeans one size larger than you would normally purchase. This will give you plenty of room to move and breathe in the jeans.
  • If you are curvy, then you will want to look for jeans with a high waist and fit legs. You can opt for flared legs if that’s your preference, but avoid straight jeans. Mom fit jeans also look great on figures with wider hips and slender waist. Avoid small back pockets, as these may make your bottoms look larger than they are.
  • On the other hand, if you are slender there’s practically no limits to the model. Think about your best features you’d like to emphasize. If you are too skinny, a straight pair or a mom fit or boyfriend jean may be a better choice in order to add some curves and shape to your look.
  • Another factor to consider is your height. Denim pants are designed to fit most people, and usually offer a size in terms of length as well. If you are shorter, skinny jeans or a pair with slender legs may fit you better, as they’d visually lengthen your figure.

Discover our selection of women’s jeans curated to provide uncomplicated comfort and enhance your style. Don’t forget to style with a classy handbag – from backpacks to totes and crossbody, all will suit your jean attire.