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How to choose your black sneakers for women (+styling ideas)

casual black traienrs

Black is an all time color, and the most common one for shoes and handbags. Although black is a very popular color for workout sneakers, there are also many other outfit combinations that will combine ideally with black sneakers for your everyday life and even for special occasions. They are not as varieties and popular for everyday wear as the white sneakers, yet they still have a lot to offer to complement your wardrobe. The most adaptable of women’s black sports shoes will be discussed in this article. We have what you need if you’re seeking for a pair of black sneakers that can be dressed up or down with ease.

You may be tempted to match your black sneakers for women with black pants or jeans, which will look great too, but to really bring out the beauty of your outfit, reach out for a more original look with the instyle ideas below. Hop to the examples section and select your outfit of the day right away because we’ve included a selection of styling suggestions for wearing black shoes.

black trainers for special occasions

The three main types of black trainers for women are listed below for you to consider when selecting yours:

Black Walking trainers

With the rise of health awareness, we try to walk and move as much as possible, tracking our steps on a daily basis. The women’s walking shoes from Fashion Finder will shine a smile on your face no matter how you get your steps, whether it’s spending an hour on the treadmill, chasing your kids around, or running errands throughout the day.

walking sneakers black

Black Casual Sneakers

Look for black casual womens black trainers if you want to look more athleisure. These sneakers maintain the running shoe’s athletic appeal and style while also adding a more casual touch that makes them ideal for wearing both inside and outside of the gym. They are the most versatile sneaker option to combine with most types of clothes.

sneakers with jeans womens


Black Running Shoes

The athletic footwear suits your individual activity needs, and are especially practical for you if you like to dress in more sporty type of clothing. Black tennis shoes for women, cross-training shoes, hiking shoes, skateboarding shoes, and more are among the shoes we have that are made for different sports and hobbies. These black trainers would be both extremely comfortable and can combine with a more sporty type of attire.

black running shoes for sport


How to choose the ideal set of black sneakers for you

It may seem an easy task to choose your pair of womens black trainers. But if you want to avoid buying several pairs, carefully select the one that will be be of most use to your wardrobe and lifestyle. Evaluate the following points to discover the perfect choice for you to buy right now:

1. Your style: Every woman has her individual taste and preferences, and to fit your black trainers without the need to change half your wardrobe, it’s best to match your new sneakers to the clothes you already have. Think about the clothes you wear the most and which of the black sneaker types would mix best. Choose the design that is most to your liking – weather it is casual black sneakers, running shoes, walking black trainers, high-top or low-top black sneakers, platform sneakers in black or slip-ons. So many designer black women’s sneakers are offered to buy online and in store, just pick the ones that will blend in your style the best.

black converse sneakers

2. Choose the material: calf leather, canvas or synthetic materials – the choice is yours. The black leather trainers would be the easiest to sustain, but may cost more than the canvas or synthetic ones. We assure you – it will be worth it, as they will last a few years in a good condition.


3. The fit and comfort: The fit is another crucial consideration when choosing sneakers. Your own preference—whether you like a looser fit or a tight one—should not be disregarded. Pick the style that fits you most comfortably. The majority of sneakers come in conventional sizes, but it’s crucial to try them on before buying. Make sure to look at their size charts for the height, width, and length of the shoe. Consider the position of the toe to check Purchase a pair of well-known sneakers from a company that has been in business for a while because they focus in offering not only style but also comfort.

Examples of styles with black trainers

black jeans with black trainers blue jeans black trainer skirt with black sneaker style black converse with jeans street style black trainer womens sporty fit black womens trainers mother with black sneakers boho black trainers sexy black sporty trainer black vans girls with sneakers ripped jeans with black sneaker vans with skirt happy womans black sneaker jazzy style black sneaker working with black sneakers woman with black sneakers flowers on black trainers womens sneakers black 

Why buy a pair of black sneakers for women

Let’s examine why having a pair of stylish black women’s sneakers in your closet will enhance both your own style and comfort.

  • Same as the white sneakers, the black trainers are timeless and will never go out of style;
  • Suitable for women in any age;
  • Highly versatile and combine with all colors;
  • You have budget flexibility: whatever your budget, you will find a pair of black trainers. Of course, designer black sneakers are pricey and may cost up to several hundred euro, but very affordable options that look stylish and chic are offered as well.

boy and girl with black trainers

Popular brands that provide black shoes for women

When it comes to wardrobe style, many brands offer ladies black sneakers to pick from. Most ladies favor traditional shoes like Vans, Giuseppe Zanotti, Michael Michael Kors, Vesace, Jordan,  Philipp Plein, Converse and many more. Check out our selection for each brand, as well as all black sneakers for women at the last section.


Among the most trendy black sports shoes are Vans. They come in a very affordable prices as well. Most models are made of canvas and are very light and breathable.

Converse black keds

The most popular black keds are offered by Converse. A manufacturer with traditions, you will get both comfort and style at a very reasonable price.

Giuseppe Zanotti black sneakers for women

This label offers a number of black options.

Philipp Plein black sports shoes

The brand offers quality sneakers with huge discounts right now.

Michael Michael Kors black trainers

A trendy yet affordable label, Michael Kors offer top fashionable attractive models:

Versace sneakers in black

If you are looking for a luxury brand offering many black sneaker choices, the Versace may be ideal for you.

Jordan women’s black trainers

An all-time classics – the Jordan sneakers – will offer you a wide choice, however most come with a mix of other colors.


Are black sneakers versatile? Are black sneakers versatile?

Yes, however not as popular as the white women’s sneakers for everyday wear.

What color of socks suit a pair of black sneakers? What color of socks suit a pair of black sneakers?

You can always wear them with black socks – this is the most universal option. Depending on your pants or skirt color, you can combine with white socks or socks of a bright color if you want maximum contrast. Avoid wearing them with dark blue or brown socks.

Which colored sneakers should I buy so that it mostly suits all type of clothes?

Black or white sneakers are the easiest to combine. Choose a low-top pair with lace and sole of the same color, with a clean design for best match.

Which color for sneakers would you recommend?

White is the most versatile color for women’s trainers, as it can perfectly go with jeans, summer dresses and skirts, and even suits. They are the most trendy color at the moment, followed by black women’s trainers. However, a black sneaker is much easier to take care of.

white sneakers for travel

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