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Why get a pair of White Trainers and how to choose the BEST for you

style white trainers

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Women enjoy wearing sneakers of different colors and styles nowadays with the contemporary lifestyle we all have. There are so many types of sneakers out there, it can be hard to make up your mind. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the most versatile sneaker heel types out there for women. So whether you’re looking for a sneaker that can be easily dressed up or down, we’ve got you covered.

White sneakers are a staple in any casual wardrobe. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your style. If you are looking for a sneaker that will last longer, we recommend opting for an original and branded pair of high-quality renown brands.

We have included a variety of styling ideas with white sneakers – you can jump right to the section and choose your ootd now.

Benefits of owning white sneakers for women

Let’s look at why a pair of trendy ladies white trainers in your wardrobe will benefit your personal style and comfort.

  • They are timeless and will never be out of style;
  • Perfect for any age: even if you are not in your 20s or 30s, the white sneakers will blend seamlessly in your flair;
  • White sneakers are very versatile and can be combined with many types of clothing. Basic white sneakers can be dressed up or dressed down, and can be paired with any outfit. For a more casual look, try a pair of white trainers with a cropped top and jeans. For a more formal look, combine the white sports shoes with a casual dress or skirt.
  • Chick and classic addition to any outfit;
  • You can be flexible on the budget: you can spend as little as 20 EUR on a white sneaker pair.

How to select the best white trainers for you

There are a variety of types of white sneakers, including designer sneakers, low-top, high-top sneakers, slip-ons, lace-up sneakers, sneakers with a side stripe, socks white sneakers and many more. The materials range from patent leather sneakers for women to artificial leather and textiles. The style you are going for is also an important aspect to consider when choosing sneakers. If you’d like to have a more conservative look, opt for a low-top completely white pair of trainers. For more youthful feel take advantage of the latest trends in shoe styling, such as adding a floral print, accent coloring or statement band. For sporty look select running trainers or high-tops.

  1. Leather, textile or sustainable material? The benefit of the leather (genuine or faux) is that they are easier to clean and are longer lasting, which is why we recommend getting yourself womens white leather trainers. Good patent leather sneakers can stay in a good conditions for several years, if not more. The textile white trainers are more breathable and are usually better priced, but harder to take care of and may not last you that long. Same goes for the white suede sneakers. Faux leather sneakers need to be of a reputed brand, as cheap options may produce a smell in time, which will not bring you comfort and joy.
  2. Low-top or high-top sneakers? Low-top sneakers are more classical, especially if you would like to have more options for combinations with different outfits. White high-top sneakers would provide a more youthful look, but the downside is they may be a bit harder to mix and match with skirts and dresses, for example.
  3. Flat sneakers vs Platform sneakers? Flats are a classic type of sneaker and can be combined with so many different outfits. They’re also a great choice if you want a sneaker that will be comfortable for long walks. Platforms are a great option if you want a flashy sneaker. They add height and a bit of extra width to your shoe, which can give your outfit a boost.
  4. Laced, Strapped, White slip on sneakers or Sock sneakers? The laced sneakers are the most classic option, but require some time for tying. The laces will need washing every once in while. The slip-ons are easiest to put on, followed by the sock sneakers, and then the straps.
  5. Designer vs Regular sneakers? If you have the budget, and your wardrobe contains enough designer products, you may opt for a designer sneakers pair. In general, stick to your brands level you normally buy for a consistency in your overall look.
  6. The fit and the comfort: Another important factor to consider when selecting sneakers is the fit. Whether you are looking for a looser model or a tight fit is a personal preference you should not overlook. Choose the fit you are most comfortable with. Most sneakers come in standard sizes, but it is important to try them on before making a purchase. Be sure to check the width and length of the shoe, as well as the height in their size charts. Shop a pair of a renown sneaker brand that has been around for some years as they are specialized in providing not just design, but also comfort.

Popular brands, offering ladies white sneakers

Lots of brands offer women white sneakers to choose from when it comes to wardrobe style. Classic sneakers such as Converse and Nike Brands are a popular choice for most women, as they are versatile and can be easily combined with a line of clothing options. Other of the most popular sneaker brands for women that offer white sneaker options include also Adidas,  Prada and more.


Nike Free White sneakers are extremely popular with women because they are extremely versatile. Nike produce several other models of white trainers, some of which also come in a range of other colors, including black, blue, light blue, and pink.


Adidas Samba sneakers are also a popular choice for women. They are iconic, stylish, and in addition to the white color, come in an assortment of other colors, including black, blue, yellow, light blue, and pink.


Prada offer a variety of white sneakers for women, including low top, high-top, high-heel and platform models. The Downtown perforated leather sneakers are an absolute hit, while the Re-Nylon women’s sneaker models are “made of ECONYL®, a regenerated-nylon yarn that can be recycled an indefinite number of times without affecting the quality of the material” according to the Prada Group website. The Prada white sneakers are also sturdy and durable, making them a great choice for daily wear.


One of the symbols of the white trainers is the Lacoste brand.Their plain white design with just the green logo is outstanding and the quality is superb. Options with a metal logo or a white logo are also available for a plain white leather or canvas trainer.

Alexander McQueen

The iconic oversized Alexander McQueen white trainers are favorite to so many women around the world. Perfect for styling with jeans, skirts, and pants, they often come with a little coloring on the back of the shoe, but offer plain white trainers as well.

steve madden white sneakers

The Steve Madden white sneakers offer a sporty look while being fashionable at the same time. View our Steve Madden white sneakers selection below:

Styling ideas for white sneakers for women

Below are styling opportunities that you can achieve with one and the same pair of white trainers, depending on your lifestyle. One pair of white sneakers – so many options! Pick the ones you enjoy the most!

  • White sneakers and black suit

Wearing a black suit doesn’t have to be boring or uncomfortable. Style it with plain white trainers and get the most of this stylish look.

black suit with white sneakers black suit with white sneakers - woman

  • Office look

Complement your work clothes with white womens sneakers

woman with office clothes combined with white trainers office look with womens white trainers green suit - women white sneakers

  • Wear white sneakers with a dress

It’s just gorgeous!

white sneakers women and red dress white sneakers women and red floral dress

  • Wedding dress styling

If you are not the traditional bride and would like to add some youthful playfulness and enjoy comfort, wear your favorite white sneakers for women on your wedding day!

wedding dress with white sneakers women wedding dress with white sneakers women with details wedding dress with converse white sneakers women

  • A skirt & white trainers

a woman with skirt & white trainers a woman with short white skirt & white trainers a woman with white skirt & white trainers a woman with floral skirt & white trainers a woman with Scottish skirt & white trainers a woman with black skirt & white trainers

  • Shorts and plain white sneakers

woman with shorts and white sneakers on a meadow woman with shorts and white sneakers woman with black shorts and white sneakers 

  • Sports pants combination

Regardless of the color of your sports pants, you can style them with the white pair of sneakers you got for yourself.

Sports pants and women white sneakers brown sports pants women white sneakers black sports pants women white sneakers sports beige pants and top women white sneakers

  • The most popular outfit: jeans and white sneakers

blue jeans white sneakers woman in blue jeans white sneakers and a blue blazer black jeans white trainers blue jeans white sneakers blue jeans white sneakers and a beige blazer black jeans white sneakers

  • Swimsuit with white trainers

Wearing just a swimming suit and white women’s sneakers also looks so cool!

swimsuit & womens white trainers woman in beachwear with womens white trainers

So, what’s your go-to pair of sneakers? White sneakers are always a classic and versatile choice, so be sure to have at least one white pair in your wardrobe.

There are also a range of colorful sneakers to choose from, such as navy, olive, and gray. These sneakers can be great for adding a pop of color to any outfit, and are especially appropriate for summer time. View our catalogue with all sneaker color options.

If you are looking for a model that you didn’t find on Fashion Finder, please use our complimentary Personal Shopper Service – simply fill in the form and we will search the Internet for the best match.

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