Yeezy vs Jordan Sneakers

Yeezy vs Jordan sneakers

West vs East. Nike vs Adidas. North vs South. Kanye West’s Yeezy against Jordan Brand. These are all comparisons that come to mind when discussing these two iconic sneaker brands. This has been a hot topic for some time, and now with the brake up between Adidas and Kanye West’s Yeezy, the topic has surged even further. First, let’s take a look at their history.

logo of Air Jordan

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Nike was founded in 1960 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight and is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Adidas was founded in 1949 by Adi Dassler and is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. As Nike and Adidas have grown, they have competed against each other in a number of ways. For example, Nike has been known for its expensive shoes while Adidas has been better known for its cheaper shoes. However, recently Adidas and Nike have been collaborating on some shoes, such as the LeBron 15 and the Ultra Boost.
The rivalry between Kanye West and Jordan Brand dates back years and it is no secret that these two icons of fashion share different opinions on a variety of topics. One of the biggest sources of contention between the two is their respective brands’ respective use of the ‘Yeezy’ and ‘Jordan’ nameplates.

Yeezy sneaker brand with Kanye West Ye

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Kanye West founded his eponymous fashion line in 2003, and although he has since ceased producing clothes under the Ye label, Kanye still retains the trademark to the name. Jordan Brand, meanwhile, was founded in 1984 by the American sports giant Nike.
Kanye West is known for his expensive sneakers, such as the Yeezy Boost 350. West has collaborated with both Nike and Adidas, but he is better known for his collaboration with Nike. For instance, the Nike Air Yeezy 2, which was released in 2013, was designed by West and Nike.

We will compare several metric in order to track the performance of Adidas Yeezy and Nike Air Jordan and be able to nominate a winner. We will nominate a winner for each of the metric based on the customer experience. We will analyze the following:

  • Interest over time for each of the brands
  • Sales Revenue for the last published year for each
  • Price & availability
  • Resale price
  • Design comparison
  • Comfort
  • Quality

So let’s get down to the comparison business. Which sneakers rank higher: Adidas Yeezy or Nike’s Air Jordan?

Interest over time: Adidas Yeezy vs Nike Air Jordan

The Interest over Time section aims at exposing the interest of sneaker users of Yeezy and Nike around the world. It will give an overall perspective on the countries where each of the brands is most popular and a comparison of the difference in popularity in each country.

We feel this information is important as it will give the perspective for each country if getting one or the other brand will mean following the popularity trend or giving an opportunity for the more individualistic persons seeking more uniqueness to decide on the less popular label for the country.

google trends Yeezy vs Jordan

Source: Google Trends

This data is derived from Google Trends for the past 5 years. Clearly, the Air Jordan sneakers see double or more the interest for most of the time frame (with just one exception where Yeezy have seen higher interest).

As displayed on the world map, over the past 5 years the Air Jordans are of higher interest in most countries, whereas the Yeezys have higher interest in Saudi Arabia, several countries in Africa and Peru.

Google trends Yeezy vs Adidas by country

Source: Google Trends, January 2023

Thus, Jordans win in the Interest over Time category in terms of having more interest to the brand. However, if you seek for more unique shoes, the Yeezys would be a better choice.

Sales Revenue

In terms of total sales, according to Morgan Stanley and quoted by CNN, Yeezy items brought in roughly $2 billion in revenue for the German group Adidas last year (2021). This is about 8% of the company’s overall sales, which is quite a portion.

As a comparison, “the Jordan Brand Reached Over $5 Billion In Annual Revenue For The First Time” wrote – June 2022. Although the fresh Yeezy is monetizing vastly, in terms of revenue generation, the more classical Jordan brand is leading by two and a half times.

Jordan is the winner in the Sales Revenue category.

Price & availability

Nowadays you can get a pair of Jordan sneakers as low as 120 EUR per pair, regular price. If there is a Sale, the price may drop to under 100 EUR. A number of Jordan sneakers for women and men range in the 200s EUR, and some pairs reach several thousand.

As of January 2023, the lowest price for Nike Jordan sneakers for women on Fashion Finder is 81 EUR with a sale, and the highest is 1,650 EUR. For men’s Jordan shoes, the lowest price we offer as of January 2023 is 104 EUR, and the highest is 23,397 EUR.

Nike Jordan 1 red sneakers

For Yeezys, for women we feature only pre-owned Yeezy shoes, as many stores have discontinued offering Yeezy products after the antisemitic actions by Kanye West. The lowest price on Fashion Finder is 220 EUR, and the highest is 255 EUR. Men’s Yeezy sneakers acre currently not offered on our site.

Yeezy Boost black core red sneakers

As a whole, the Yeezys are not that largely available as Jordans, especially after October 2022.

Checking other websites still offering Yeezys, the least expensive Yeezy model available would set you back about 220 EUR, while the cheapest Jordans will set you back under 90 EUR.

Winner: Jordan offer lower priced sneaker pairs and are largely available

Resale price

We have checked some of the mass websites for pre-owned products, and on the second-hand market one can get a pair of Yeezy sneakers for either men or women for as low as 60 EUR, however the condition will be good or fair. A new condition pair of Yeezys can range up to 1800 EUR.

The pre-owned Jordan shoes for women on these sites range from 140 EUR to 12,193 EUR, while for men the prices start from 30 EUR for fair condition, but can go up to 40,000+ EUR.

Of course, if we speak about the extremely rare or one of kind sneakers, worn by Michael Jordan or Kanye West, the prices may range in hundreds of thousands, or even millions! The old record was set by Michael Jordan’s game-used Nike Air Jordan 1s, which sold for $615,000. Yeezy surpassed it, but with its Nike collab model Nike Air Yeezy 1s by Kanye West sell for a record-breaking $1.8 million.

Winner: Jordan, as its pairs are sold for a higher price on the resale market if you are looking to resell yours after use.

Design comparison

Since different people prefer various styles, the style possibilities are still another crucial factor to take into account while purchasing shoes.

With it’s conspicuous silhouette, the Yeezys definitely stand out from the crowd. They are best know for the Boost primeknit and come in more than 19 models in 200 colorways since he signed with Adidas at the end of 2014. Among the most renown Yeezy models are the adidas YEEZY 350 V1, adidas YEEZY 350 V2, adidas YEEZY 700 V1, adidas YEEZY 700 V2, and adidas YEEZY Powerphase Calabasas, each available in several colorways. The colorways themselves have some very funky names, some of the most unique being the Yecheil and the Yeshaya, while the Core Black/Red being among the most popular.

Yecheil Yeezy sneakers Yeezreal sneakers

(photos credit:

Although the Yeezy models and colorways are quite a big number, the Air Jordan sneakers surpass them significantly. Being on the market since 1st of April, 1985, there have been a countless number of colorways. The Nike Jordan shoes have released 37 models up until 2022, not counting the retro variations and numerous colorways. The very first model is the Air Jordan I – “Notorious” – 1985, and since then almost every year a new model is launched (for some years two models are released). The colorways are countless, with just the Air Jordan 1 alone, there are 23 different colorways. Most models have their own motto, such as Notorious, Gotta Be the Shoes, The Fighter, The Legacy Continues, Choose Your Flight, Dare to Fly and more. Some of these mottos had become part of the everyday slang.

The initial Jordans, as well as most of the models, are made of leather (genuine leather or synthetic pleather). However, more recent models also feature materials such as woven kevlar. 

Blue Nike jordan               Green jordan snekaer

To sum it up: both brands offer excellent design. The Jordans have a more casual appearance, while the Yeezys offer more futuristic style. Both have various colorways options.

Winner: we call this one even, as both feature a super stylish design, and it will be really a matter of personal preference to choose among Jordan or Yeezy.


We all love good-looking and stylish sneakers, but comfort is also a very important feature. The Yeezy sneakers are also built for comfort by offering a sock-fit feel with its primeknit upper part. Also, the renown Boost sole ensures an ultra-soft cushioning of the sneaker.

Jordans are likewise comfy shoes, but walking or running in them or will not feel as good as doing so in Yeezys.

comfortable yeezy snekaers

Winner: Yeezys earn a point for comfort.


Making a decision on sneakers involves also evaluating shoe quality. Jordans are widely known for providing high-quality performance products, which is among the main factors for their widespread sales. The Yeezys’ strongest point is their comfort, but their quality cannot be compared to that of Jordans. If you care about quality, Jordans are your best option.

quality jordan sneakers

Winner: overall, Jordans offers superior quality between the two shoe brands.

Which are better: Yeezys or Jordans?

As a conclusion, the better of the two sneakers brands are the Nike Air Jordans. They offer better quality, high performance, and stylish design, that can be found at a better price if you are not opting for the collector’s pairs. Yeezys provide superior comfort, thus if comfort is the most important feature, then disregard the rest of the factors discussed here.

Jordan winner sneaker

Grand winner: Nike Air Jordan



What size should I get: Yeezy and Jordan?

Choosing the right size is crucial, as sneakers need to fit perfectly. Although shoe producers try to go by the universal size systems, there are some brand-specific sizing specifics that you may want to look at before going ahead with a purchase.

In the case of Yeezys, there is a size-and-a-half discrepancy between the sizes for men and women. Check which size is best suited for you with a Yeezy sneakers size chart.

The sizes for the Nike Air Jordans are reported to be the same for men and women, but some individuals comment that women’s sizes fit much tighter and that the toe region is narrower. Thus, for women you may need to get 1/2 a size larger, but do check this Jordan’s size chart before buying.


Why should I buy a real pair of Yeezy when the fake ones are 95 the same?

First, buying and/or selling counterfeit items is illegal in most countries. Buying from bogus websites may lead to you paying and not getting any product or getting a very poor quality product, so it is best to avoid purchasing products that are not authentic.

In addition, the Yeezy’s most important trait is its comfort as we discussed above. If you get a replica, you can rest assured it may look the same on the outside, but it will not offer the comfort and quality of the real pair.

Which one do you prefer Yeezy Boost 500 or Yeezy 700 Why?

The Yeezy 500 do not offer the boost. They are cool, but if looking for Boost among the two models, then your choice is the Yeezy Boost 700, which is inspired by the “dad shoe” trend. It offers coloring combination which is more versatile, making it very easy to combine. Both pairs of sneakers are really comfortable and understated.

Is the Yeezy sneaker hype dead? Is the Yeezy sneaker hype dead?

The resale prices of Yeezys has declined after October 2022, and not offered in major stores like Footlocker and not having the adidas group support and exposure, surely is negatively impacting the popularity of the brand. In addition, many people are turning away from the brand because of the hate speech by Kanye West.

On the other hand, by creating scarcity the demand may not decline as much as predicted. The opinions say that the Yeezy products will continue to sell out, but maybe not as fast as before.

What do you think is better Yeezys or Jordans?

As our study shows, the Jordan sneakers offer better quality at a lower price, while both brands provide stylish design and colorways. The Yeezys, on the other hand, are more comfortable than the Jordans, although the Nikes are also comfy. It really depends on what you value the most in a shoe.

I am looking for a Yeezy or Jordans model that I cannot find. Can you help?

Certainly we can try. We offer a free of charge Personal Shopper Service where we search the entire catalogues of our partners. Simply give us all needed information on size, brand, exact model and colorway, and any additional information you feel is important, and we will search for the desired sneakers pair. We can assist you to find any fashion product you may be looking for.

More questions or comments?

If you have further questions in regard to the Yeezy vs Jordan comparison or would like to comment on our article, please don’t hesitate to use the form below or contact us at We will be more than happy to include more information of interest.

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