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Top 10 Trends for Spring 2023

рокля на цветя

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Searching for a fresh outfit idea? Read on and get inspired.

Being in love with fashion, we are following all top designers and shops for all new top trends, as well as biggest sales. We also analyze the top selling products on the Fashion Finder website and would like to share our insights with you on what outfits our Fashion Finders fancy the most.

Looking back to 2020-2022, when fashion was mostly dominated by homey attire such as pajamas, sweatsuits and robes, suitable for the work-from-home and stay-home lifestyle, we notice the huge difference in this Fall’s tendencies.

Now people seem thirsty to shine and show off, be noticed and try out different styles. And not surprisingly, we see these trends:

1. Sequined dresses and sequin pants

Although the sequin-embellished outfits were considered appropriate mostly for an evening attire, this year we see it coming into our daily lives. Be it a sequin top, a sparkle dress, handbag or even sequin pants and blazers, the shiny is now a popular choice for a lunch out, coffee time and even a day in the office.

Glitter dresses will make every pregnant woman shine yet more, so don’t hesitate to choose a sequined dress for an event if you are an expecting mom.

Check out this exquisite gown from our long sequin dresses with sleeves by ASOS EDITION, suitable for the colder days.

See more sequined dresses, tops, sequin pants and more at the Fashion Finder sequin selection.

2. Floral dresses and animal prints

Looking at the big labels as Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Philipp Plein, but also many other brands, we see a lot of floral motives, animal prints and various patterns. They come in all shapes and sizes: small flowers, large blossoms, tiger prints, puma spots, snake patterns, or a combination of these. You can find an expensive option, such as a Zimmermann dress or blazer, but also with us you can select cheap floral dresses, with a magnificent look.

Combine prints with a plain base

To get that fancy look, you can also wear a plain colored clothing, like a white dress, and use shoes and accessories for the flowery or animal look. Combine a white dress with leopard shoes and a leopard bag, and the jaws will be dropping. A green or a red dress are also very appropriate for this arrangement.

Combine several prints

Wear a set of two or three pieces of the same pattern, for instance a floral dress and a handbag. Or alternatively mix and match different prints – this, however, requires a lot of skill and taste to look good. So be careful if you decide to be original, as this may play a ‘clowny’ trick on you.

Browse floral dresses and clothes.

If you are not into floral or animal prints, read our extensive list on the 45 types of dresses.

3. Quilted bags

Some of these designs are so cool, that it may seem someone’s quilted purse is custom made for their puffer jacket. And you can find them in all shapes and sizes, from purses to large tote bags. The best thing is that designers at all price ranges are offering these beauties, so you just need to go and get your bag on line. We’ve got a number of options, making it easy to buy online a quilted purse, handbag or tote.

We are particularly fond of the Gucci quilted bags, but more affordable labels like Pinko and Love Moschino are definitely a perfect substitute!

If you are of the classical type that doesn't like the too trendy pieces that go our of style quickly, check out the 17 designer handbag classics that will always be instyle.

4. Saturated colors

Unlike other Spring seasons, the 2023 one is expected to be vivid and lively, filled with lemons, pumpkins, peaches, grapes and melons. These will be present in the outwear with ladies wearing their light yellow coat, orange jacket, peach overcoat, but also lavender blouse, purple pants, green sweater and coral scarf. A hat of a bright color may complement the look, and the mix and match option of bright colors will also be popular fashion choice.

If you are not sure how to mix and match the colors, see our informative post on what colors go well together for any outfit. If you a "Yellow" fan, check out how to best combine it.

5. Cropped denim or puffer jacket

Although the crop tops have been around for a while, especially for the teenage girls, it is more than obvious that the tendency is conquering all ages, especially when it comes to outwear.

This can be a cropped denim jacket or a cropped puffer jacket, but in any case, we will see a ton of possibilities both online and in stores.

6. Midi dress and midi skirt

The midi dress has been a preferred choice for the ladies in 2022, and the tendency is to continue in 2023. Free falling materials, belted long shirts, cotton and linen will dominate.

The emerald green midi dress and lavender purple midi skirt have been very popular at our online shop. As we already noted, the flowers are a hit and the floral midi dress will rule this year. If you are proud of your body, show it off with a satin midi dress.

There are so many options to chose from – visit our dedicated page for midi dresses.

7. Boyish and chunky boots for Women

Although this trend is not new, now more than before these types of shoes will be a preferred choice by the ladies. This is true for the boots and sneakers, but also for the mules and even the sandals. The colors will vary from the classic black to pink, beige, green, blue and multi-colored footwear with a variety of prints.

Some super cool winter boots for women are here, and many are on sale just now!

Check out the trendy sneakers for women in our article here.

8. Mom fit and Boyfriend jeans

This trend became a favorite a while ago and will now firm its position as a preferred style. This is not to say that skinny jeans will go out of style, but looser-fit jeans and pants, as well as straight leg jeans and flared jeans for women, will be the modern choice this year. High waist jeans are more comfortable and hide both the bare back and the belly fat and we are not surprised this trend sticks.

See our list of boyfriend jeans and mom jeans.

Mid-washed blue will be most desired, as well as two-tone options. Ripped jeans for women will continue to be popular, even with mid and older aged ladies.

Cropped jeans expected to drop in popularity, together with the really baggy jeans. We will not miss them that much.

Although hard to maintain, the white jeans are coming back and we love it. So many white jeans are offered on our site that it’s impossible to pick just one.

All in all, no matter what style you like, you will find a pair here.

9. Knitwear trending styles

Sweaters, especially ones with embossment and loose fit, will dominate this Fall. When the weather is warm, those with a thin and ample knitting will be preferred. For the colder days, thicker tops will be an excellent choice, perhaps combined with a slim fit t-shirt underneath. We recommend that you select the jeans or pants to be slimmer for more baggy tops, and flared for crop sweaters or tighter ones.

10. Long puffer jackets

For the ladies that are not a fan of the crop coats and jackets, the alternative will be long puffer jacket for women, with rather big puffing – sort of like the Michelin tires symbol. The difference from past seasons will be the colors. Although the black puffer jacket for women is a classic, no longer will the dark dominate. Rather, lighter shades and glossy options will be the trendy design of the famous brands.

Select a down jacket for women if you prefer the filling to be feathers, or just any long puffer jacket here for your winter adventures.

Please note we promote third party products. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

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