What Colors Go Well Together for Any Outfit

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The first impression is of such importance, that we need to be especially careful of the message we send with our looks. Among factors such as hair style, makeup and scents, colors are an important instrument as they have the ability to induce emotions in others and ourselves. Choosing colors that o well together for each occasion will help us communicate the precise image we want to portray.

Part of that image is matching the colors correctly to convey style and class. Read on to learn the secrets of color matching your wardrobe.

The use of the Color Wheel for your outfits

This may sound like dry theory but trust us – once you understand the Color Wheel, color matching will become straightforward for you.

The Color Wheel divides the spectrum into 12 basic colors: three primary (red, blue, and yellow), three secondary colors which are the combination of two primary shades (orange, green, and violet), and six tertiary colors, which are derived by mixing the two neighboring colors.

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There are several main ways to combine colors using the color wheel:

Combine complementary colors

These are colors that are opposite one another on the wheel. Generally, this means combining two colors, and in most cases, you can add white or black as these are considered to go well with almost any color. This is the simplest way to combine, but consider the hue, tint, and shade. For outfits, the combination red-green is to be careful about as it is mostly associated with the Christmas season and may look odd in summertime, for example.

For fusing 3 colors combine those that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel – forming an isosceles triangle.

You can also go with a combination of 4 colors, two by two being opposite to one another in the form of a cross.  An example: red-orange with blue-green and purple with yellow.

These combos create vivid and playful appearance and we recommend them for more cheerful events.

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The analogous Color Scheme

The second main combination is the analogous color scheme, where the selection is of 2 to 5 colors that sit next to each other on the wheel. This combo works well because the hues are derived from the same base color, and gives a colorful, but relaxing look.

Monochromatic Color Combo

The third option is to use Monochromatic Color Scheme – using several shades of the same hue. Although it may be tricky to apply in fashion, there are some combinations that look especially chic. For example, pale blue shirt, navy pants and sky-blue shoes and bag.

We have picked the most popular color that go well together:

White, Red, and Blue

Yellow and Green

Orange and Navy Blue

Pink and Pale Blue

Grey and Yellow

Red and Fuchsia

Beige and Blue

Classic combinations of the main colors

Below is an outline of the classic mixes for the primary, secondary and other popular colors. We will get in more detail for each color in a separate post for in-depth information.

  • Colors that go well with white: White is a universal color and combines with all shades, especially red, blue, and black.
  • Colors that go well with black: Black also goes well with everything, especially orange, yellow, white, and red.
  • Colors that go well with red: red matches best with black, white, navy blue.
  • Colors that go well with blue: Blue combines with yellow, orange, green, red, white.
  • Colors that go well with yellow: Yellow combines best with blue, purple, violet, gray, black.
  • Colors that go well with violet: violet combines with green, yellow, white, gray. 
  • Colors that go well with fuchsia: Fuchsia combines with vibrant colors, such as yellow, orange, red, royal blue.
  • Colors that go well with orange: Orange combines with cyan, blue, lilac, violet, white, black.
  • Colors that go well with green: Green combines with golden-brown, orange, salad green, yellow, brown, gray, cream, black, creamy-white.
  • Colors that go well with beige: Beige mixes well with brown, blue, black, red, white.
  • Colors that go well with gray: Gray looks gorgeous with yellow, red, purple, pale blue and pink. 
  • Colors that go well with brown: Brown combines with beige, cream, cyan, pink, green.

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