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If you’re reading this, you must be searching for a gift for that special someone. We congratulate you for being someone’s sweetheart and we wish you Happy Valentine’s day with our selection of ideas for Valentine’s day gifts.

On every February 14th millions around the world celebrate in the name of St. Valentine – one of the most popular saints in the Catholic world, known for being both brave, compassionate, and romantic. The root of this holiday is pagan, dating to ancient Roman times when the Lupercalia (a fertility festival) was celebrated in mid-February. The attempts to Christianize the holiday finally succeeded at the end of the 5th century when February 14 was declared St. Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius. But only in the 1400s written Valentines day cards appeared, and the oldest greeting is now part of the London’s British Library collection. (Source: History.com).

Fashion & Apparel Valentine's Day Gifts

1. Red Lingerie

Among the most intimate gifts is sensual lingerie. Particularly if it’s red, and laced for the ladies. This could be a bra and thong or bikini set for her, a satin laced night gown for her, or a pair of red boxers with an appropriate sign for him. The best thing is, you don’t need to spend a lot on it, as there are quite affordable options available. Of course, if you’d like to make a more luxurious gift, you can go for the well known brands as La Perla, Wolford, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2 and the like. For the more expensive options, choose a color that is more classical and will be used more often, as red can be tricky.

Suitable for Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend, and gifts for Valentine Day for girlfriend.

Giuseppe Zanotti цена
Men's Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers

2. Red Shoes

This is an extravagant gift, that could be charged with emotion if it’s a pair of high heeled red shoes for her. It’ll spring your imagination, and hers as well. Use them together at home for their first wear and you’ll have an exceptional memory of them for years to come. Although a pair of red shoes may be something he’s been missing in his wardrobe, be careful if you’re considering gifting it to a man, as they may end up in the wardrobe forever. If you are considering red shoes for a man, select a pair of sneakers or trainers.

 Suitable for gifts for her for Valentine Day, and in some cases for Valentine's Day gifts for him.

3. Fashion Jewelry

Gifting jewelry may seem an option only to be given to ladies, but a stylish silver ring, a leather bracelet or neck chain are perfect for your man Valentine day gifts. Personalize with a sign with a special phrase you use together for a romantic touch. These types of gifts for her for Valentine’s day may range in price – one can find a classy but inexpensive piece of jewelry, or if your relationship is very deep you may decide to commit with a more expensive piece.

A silver or gold necklace, or a set of GUCCI earrings is the top choice for her. A ring is not a good choice, as it can be mistaken with a marriage proposal, unless of course you are ready to commit - in this case, select a diamond ring even if the diamond is tiny, don’t go for a bigger but semi-precious stone.

One can never go wrong with pearls - a classic gift, fitting a wide range of outfits and colors. Go for a more extravagant option as the JW Anderson oval pearl tie necklace.

4. Red Designer Handbag

Every woman knows the superpower of a red designer handbag. Although men are not particularly aware of this unsuspected force, actually a red handbag can melt even the most solid of hearts. It’s because the red bag is extremely noticeable, at the same time combines with a variety of outfits, from casual to formal. It’s preferrable that you go with a smaller clutch or crossbody bag, unless your better half is into large handbags only.

If your Valentine is not so much into attracting attention, and you prefer to choose a more relaxed color, read our post on what colors go well together to get inspiration based on her preferred colors for clothes and accessories.

Suitable for gifts for her for Valentine Day.

Ingersoll men's watch
Ingersoll Watches The Charles 44mm watch

5. A Designer Watch

Ranked among the most romantic Valentine's day gifts, as it carries the message that you want to share all the time with your loved one. You can be very flexible with the price, so if you want to gift a meaningful present, one can’t go wrong with a watch, excellent choice for both men and women.

Suitable for Valentine's Day gifts for him, gifts for her for Valentine Day.

GUCCI watches for women

6. Lace kimono

Make your better half feel comfy at home with a home robe or kimono as Valentine's day gifts. Turn each morning into a memorable moment of this Valentine's day. It doesn’t have to be red to be suitable. You can buy a pricey variant or go for an option under 20 EUR if you wish – in any case, this gift will make a statement of care and desire to spend time at home. It may seem more suitable for womens gifts, but can be equally appreciated by men – just choose a style he will be convenient in wearing (in front of other people).

Suitable gifts for Valentine Day for her.

lace kimono
Womens Lace Waist Detail Kimono
Versace Jeans Couture heart print t-shirt

7. A themed t-shirt

By ‘themed’ we don’t mean especially a cheesy one. Get a classy designer t-shirt and you can rest assured it will be well used. For ladies, the brand that has the most hearts is Love Moschino – the designs are super suitable for the occasion, and you’ll find a best match right away. For men, we’ve found a few classy t-shirts by Versace Jeans Couture and Palm Angels he will surely love.

Suitable for Valentine's day gift for boyfriend, gifts for her for Valentine Day.

Love Moschino t-shirt
Love Moschino leopard heart t-shirt
Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas

It is time to celebrate love, the feeling that brings the most happiness to the world. So don’t hesitate to express it in every possible way.

Maybe this year skip the flower delivery, plush teddy and the hear-shaped box of chocolates? Depending on the stage of your relationship and your budget you can get creative with ideas from this Valentine's Day gifts guide:

1. Handmade Valentines Day cards

Among the most affordable gifts, at the same time very personal, is making Valentines Day cards yourself. Find hundreds of videos online on DIY beautiful Valentines Day cards, simple, or more advanced options. Here are a few sample videos to get you started on the idea: cards 1, cards 2, cards 3.   

If you can’t think of a grabbing text, search for a quote online and pick the most suitable to your relationship. There are funny quotes as well, if you’d like to keep it a bit more lighthearted.

Suitable for Valentine's Day gift for him, gifts for Valentine Day for her.

2. Handmade Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet

This DIY Red Rose bouquet is definitely worth giving it a shot. Practically free of charge, you will impress that sweetheart. But you can search for a different DIY paper bouquet option if this does not suit you.

Suitable for gifts for Valentine Day for her.

paper flower bouqet

3. DYI Memory Book

If you have been together for some time now, buy a white paper notebook, cover the front and back with colored paper (get some ideas from the DIY postcards or other videos), pick up some of your favorite photos together and print them out. Glue them in and write 1-2 sentences of your feelings at the time, inscribe the date. If you are a newly formed couple, prepare for next year’s Valentine’s Day gift by starting to collect and shoot those future memories.

Suitable for Valentine's Day gifts for him, gifts for Valentine Day for her.

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