Designer Jewelry

Gucci pearl double G earrings – 8078 Undefined
One Size
Swarovski Millenia square Swarovski embellished necklace – Silver
One Size
Missoma Harris snake ring – Gold
M, One Size, S
Gucci 18kt rose gold Flora diamond drop earrings – Pink
One Size
Gucci GG Running yellow gold earrings
One Size
Gucci pearl Double G earrings – Gold
One Size
Missoma Peace and Love tag necklace – Gold
One Size
Vivienne Westwood Mayfar Bas Relief earrings – Gold
Vivienne Westwood
One Size
Pomellato 18kt rose gold Sabbia diamond chandelier earrings
One Size
Swarovski Millenia crystal-embellished drop earrings – Green
One Size
Pasquale Bruni 18kt rose gold Ton Joli agate and diamond ring – RG
Pasquale Bruni
Gucci Black Interlocking G Strawberry Drop Earrings
One Size
Gucci 18kt white gold Link to Love rubellite diamond ring – Silver
47.5, 50, Neck XL 43/44 EU
Gucci 18kt yellow gold Link to Love tourmaline diamond ring
45, 47.5, Neck XL 43/44 EU, Neck XS 37/38 EU
Gucci 18kt yellow gold Interlocking G stud earrings
One Size
Gucci 18kt rose gold Link to Love logo bar bracelet – Pink
Gucci 18kt rose gold Link to Love mirrored ring – Pink
22, 23, 24, 44, 45, 47.5, 50, 54, Neck XL 43/44 EU, Neck XS 37/38 EU
Gucci sterling silver Marmont stud earrings
One Size
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With the help of our exquisite collection of women’s jewelry, stand out from the crowd and attract positive attention. Our women’s jewelry is the finishing touch you’ve been waiting for, designed to give your clothes that additional bit of magic to stand out.

Searching for a fantastic strategy to complete an outfit? You can enjoy looking through all of the fashion jewelry selections and choosing a few must-have pieces for any season, from bracelets and necklaces to rings and earrings. Choose a statement jewelry to show that you pay attention to even the smallest things. And even if you’re not a huge jewelry enthusiast, there’s no denying that a good piece of jewelry can instantly improve your mood and make you feel more confident.

Explore styles with vintage allure, styles with a modern edge, and everything in between to inspire your creativity. Some come with leather bands and metal accents in the form of animals, garments, and even recognizable sites. They instantly spark conversation and provide you a chance to show off your personality and hobbies.

There are many different types of women’s jewelry, from delicate pieces that are perfect for weddings to bolder pieces that can be worn everyday. Here are four main types of women’s jewellery that are all-time popular.

Designer rings

Rings are a popular fashion accessory for a reason. Choose a ring that embodies your style and fits your personality. The variety is endless, and we’ve got a great ring selection on our site. Even with just one designer ring, it’s simple to leave a lasting impact. Great trendy options are rings, accentuated with vivid colors or slim bands that delicately encircle a finger or thumb.

Designer Earrings

An essential piece of a lady’s attire are the earrings for women. Fashion earrings give the opportunity to show-off your individuality, as they offer contemporary ideas, such as wearing a different earring on each ear – the shape, size or colors may be different in the pair,. This is such a trend now, extending to garments such as socks and sneakers as well.


Choose a bracelet if you’re seeking for something that looks excellent every day. A robust finish is achieved on several of these components by the use of square metal pieces that neatly join together. A bracelet can be a great wearable accessory for both men and women, and can offer a delicate design or a more bold flair.


A necklace is a versatile fashion piece that can be worn with many different outfits. Choose a necklace with a statement piece or one with a more subtle design. A beautiful pendant necklace will make you more noticeable. Others take a different tack by emphasizing geometric patterns, eye-catching designs, and more. Some contain smooth colored stones. If you are fond of the classics, a pearl necklace will is a piece of jewellery that will easily match your wardrobe.

Jewelry brands we adore

Among the sea of brands that produce excellent jewelry, we would like to highlight a few that are both extremely popular and stylish.

The quality of the products of these brands is immaculate, while their prices range from under 100 euro to thousands of euro. Thus, you can find a quality piece even if you have a limited budget. Indulge with a set of GUCCI earrings, or Vivienne Westwood earrings if you are fond of The Orb.

Popular materials for women’s quality jewellery

There are several materials that are most prevalent in the construction of designer jewellery:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Pearls
  • Diamonds
  • Leather
  • Various crystals and precious stones, such as rubies, opals, sapphire and more

It generally comes down to the jewelry you select for polished aesthetics. With the addition of our selection of women’s jewelry in silver, gold tone, rose gold, diamonds and pearls you can easily elevate your appearance. Gold and diamonds are excellent to be passed down to the next generations, as they are both of high value and exceptionally long-lasting.

Jewelry gifts for ladies

Surprise your beloved one with a lovely gentle necklace as a gift for Valentine’s day. Or a beautify set of earrings for her birthday. Of course, for special events such as wedding proposals or anniversaries, a diamond ring will be most appropriate. Whatever the occasion, a fine jewelry is always an ideal gift option to show your appreciation.

All of the offered pieces of fashion jewellery are suitable for a variety of demands and events. Any ensemble can be completed with accessories, and shopping for them at Fashion Finder is always fun!