Why Every Woman Should Own a Red Designer Bag

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There is no doubt that a red designer bag is the ultimate accessory for fashion-savvy women. Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated or something extra-special and flashy, there’s a red designer bag out there perfect for you. Here is why.

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Benefits of the red designer bag
  • The red designer bag is season-less and can be worn all year round;
  • Very versatile: if you don’t have a red bag, you may think it’s difficult to combine with various types of clothes, but we assure you this is not the case; 
  • The red bag can be styled with almost any color; of course, you need to consider the shade of red when combining, but in general the only colors to be careful about are yellow and orange;
  • A crimson bag gives any outfit a fashionable touch;
  • Red radiates confidence due to its fire nature, so if you are climbing the career ladder or going out on a first date, choosing a red handbag will portray you as self-assured and bold;
  • It is eye-catching and will turn attention to your lovely self;

red belt bagThus, a red purse is a must-have for every woman! But when it comes to finding the perfect fashion bag, there are a few things to consider. First, what type of style do you favor? Do you prefer a more classic or cutting-edge look? Second, what price range are you willing to go? Are you looking for a an affordable no-frills bag or a pricey luxury item? With prices reaching into the thousands of dollars, finding the right red designer bag can be both expensive and difficult. And finally, what size and shape do you prefer? Do you want a small clutch or a large shoulder bag?

If you are unsure what size and shape is best for your wardrobe, discover a few jazzy examples of red bag outfits that may inspire you. And if the red bag concept is new for you, it may be wise to start with a cheaper but stylish bag and observe if you will find it as phenomenal and outstanding as we do. In case it fits your closet and flair, you can then upgrade to a high-end luxury red purse.

Styling ideas for a red designer bag

red designer handbag red designer bag sports style pink dress with red handbag

Our selection of designer red bags is bold and aggressive and goes great with neutral or colored clothing.

A floral dress with hints of red is a hit and will under line the beauty of both the dress and the bag. A navy blue suit with a white shirt will be an ideal host of your red shoulder bag.

Combining a pink dress with a red handbag may sound outrageous, however the look is actually exceptional.

Perhaps the only combination to avoid is a red bag on a solid yellow attire. Be careful with the orange as well, although it does depend on the hues of the red and the orange. This is a personal taste, and of course you can style your red bag as you portray yourself.

Once you’ve decided on your preferences, the next step is to decide on a bag designer. There are a lot of great options available, and no one bag is perfect for everyone. Some of our favorites include the FURLA totes, the Gucci Handbags, and the Moschino bags. All of these bags are timeless and can be worn for years to come. Spoil yourself with a hot new bag in red from the hand-picked list we have crafted below. Or simply check all red bags here.

Moschino shoulder bags in red

Some of the most popular red designer bags are offered by the Moschino brand. With it’s bright hues and quality leather, these are ideal choice if you are looking for a small bag with a foldover top or zip closure. Up your style for all the formal occasions or wear it for a night out.

Choose a red designer bag by Alexander McQueen

Another brand with unique suggestions for a red designer bag is Alexander McQueen. The brand offers some statement clutch bags, ideal to complement a bold look. The McQueen ring held clutches are convenient to carry in your hand, but above all they are excitingly fashionable. Add it to a fitted black sleek dress and black heels and you are ready to conquer the show. 

FURLA red designer bag

If your lifestyle requires a big purse, then a FURLA red designer bag is a handy and dressy choice. With it’s roomy compartment, you can fit all your essentials with an ease. This bag is perfect for day to day use and can be dressed up or down. The quality materials will not remain unnoticed, portraying your excellent taste. A FURLA bag can be an accessory for a business suite or a jeans and shirt outfit, allowing you for a large range of clothing ideas.

Dolce & Gabbana Devotion in Red

Another beautiful red designer bag is the Dolce & Gabbana Devotion series. Featuring a gentle heart, it doesn’t get any more romantic than the Devotion bags, thus they are a perfect Valentine’s day gift, or any other romantic occasion. It’s such a small bag, but has such a tremendous presence. If you desire to be noticed, and portray class and style, we definitely recommend this variant for a red designer bag.

Red Hot Backpacks

And how about a red backpack? It can freshen up your everyday casual outfit and give a jazzy sprinkle to your days. The convenience of the backpack shouldn’t be underestimated, as there’s no better way to run your errands around town. They are both stylish and practical, designed with the modern woman in mind and are perfect also for traveling or a day trip. Usually the backpack would feature a main compartment and internal pockets and are complete with shoulder straps for convenient fastening.

More affordable red designer bags

There’s nothing like a designer bag to complete any outfit. If you’re on a tighter budget, don’t give up on the idea, but rather consider buying a cheaper red designer bag. These bags are still high quality and will last you for a long time. If you’re looking for a designer bag that’s unique and eye-catching, a red designer bag by Love Moschino, for example, is the perfect choice.

Go sustainable: buy Pre-Owned

Yet another option to get your hands on your beloved luxury red purse is to pursue a pre-owned bag option. Not only you’ll be getting a luxury bag at a fraction of it’s retail price, but also it will e reducing the imprint on the environment. Aim for a red Chanel handbag, a Louis Vuitton, a Dior Book Tote or even a Hermès Birkin if your bank account allows it. These luxurious accessories cost a fortune, however if you take proper care of your bag, you can re-sell it later on for the same or slightly lower price.

Elevate your style with a striking red designer handbag. If you have one red bag too many, discover the 17 classical handbags and take your outfits up a notch. Learn all you need to know about the women’s handbags to ensure you will always make the best choice.

We’d love to get your mix and match ideas with a red handbag – feel free to drop us a message below or send us an email at info@fashionfinder.online. If you are up to it, you can send us your appropriate images with red bags and we’ll be happy to include them in our article.

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