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17 Outfit Ideas on Colors That Go With Yellow

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Of all colors, Yellow is the color that captures the most attention, as it is the spectrum’s most luminous of all. The human eye will process yellow first from a distance, so if you’d like to get noticed first, go with yellow.

It is the color of the sun, symbol of happiness, optimism, and creativity. In fashion, wearing yellow clothes or accessories will project these qualities to the figure wearing them. Therefore, it ranks among our favorite colors, and we are always on the lookout for amazing yellow apparel.

There are several hundred known and named yellow hues. Imagine the countless possibilities this color provides for a wardrobe of sunny and happy clothes. You can easily get carried away if you are in love with this dye…

What colors go with yellow?

We have looked the main colors that go with yellow: blue, purple and violet, gray, black.

However, there is more to it as each color has several main shades, each pairing well with somewhat different colors.

    • Bright Yellow goes well with navy blue, lilac, light blue-green, violet, black.
    • Lemon (pale) yellow combines with cherry-red, brown, fuchsia, blue, gray, purple.
    • Mustard yellow matches with gray, sky blue, brown, black.

Let’s get into more details on the best options to combine yellow for your outfit with Fashion Finder.


Choosing the right yellow tint for you:

It is important to choose the right yellow shade for you, as not all shades look well on all people. If you have a pale skin, it is better to stay away from the lighter hues, as they may make you look pale or even sick. The darker tone skins are luckier because most yellow shades will look magnificent on all. Lemon yellow looks perfect on a summer tan, while bright or mustard yellow would underline the gentleness of a pale skin.

A word of caution: if you are wearing more than one yellow garments, make sure the tones are either the same or very similar and go well with one another. Avoid wearing too many items of this vibrant color – it is best to have one or two at most.


#1 Womens yellow dress is well combined with dark blue or black shoes and handbag.

#2 A great combination is mixing bright colors. For example, a long sleeve maxi dress in yellow with orange bag and fuchsia boots would really make you stand out from the crowd.

#3 Pale yellow maxi dresses are perfect for lady wedding guests, if the event’s theme doesn’t require another color. It portrays both optimism for the new family, a happy future, cleanliness, and honesty.

The blazer

#4 A yellow blazer for women, combined with jeans and a white shirt is an astonishing look. Match with a pair of sandals of the same shade or with blue or white, and complete the look.

#5 A yellow blazer combines perfect with green, blue, white or tan color pants or skirts. Don’t overlook the buttons of the blazer – if they are of a particular color, try to combine with a shirt or pants of the same shade. If the buttons are of gold or silver tint, be careful to use a bag with a chain of the same tint if it is metallic.

The pants

#6 A very attention-grabbing trick is wearing yellow trousers, especially if you’d like to emphasize on your bum. These can go perfectly with all else being black. Or combine with navy-blue and white. Our advice is to avoid too many colors if you are wearing yellow trousers, as this will scatter the attention of your company.


#7 Don’t not overlook the use of yellow in a pattern with other colors of the same garment. A white dress with lemons and their green leaves is a classic. Or a purple dress with yellow flowers. If you want to portray a feminine, home-loving look, a pleated lemon dress is the perfect choice for you. This is also a very cute look for a girl of any age, or a mother-and-daughter set. Excellent choice for beachwear as well.

#8 Horizontal stripes dress is also very flamboyant. Be careful with the combination with black, as it may portray you as a bee – it is best that the stripes are not with the same width in this option.

#9 A sleeveless vest with yellow & grey rhombs, worn on top of white shirt and grey jeans is an elegant choice.

The accessories

#10 One of the most stylish smart-casual outfits we believe to be a combination of white blazer, navy blue shirt, blue jeans, and yellow shoes. Combine this with a navy-blue bag, a yellow clutch matching the shoe tone, or even go for a green tote.

#11 If you go for yellow shoes and accessories, select shades that match the shade of the main color. We recommend that in this case you do not use more shades and colors so that you avoid too many colors that may clash.

#12 Very popular is the use of a yellow bag to contrast the rest of the attire. Weather it is a clutch, a tote or a stylish backpack, it will always make an impression. Recently, a male friend reminded me, that the first time my husband introduced me to him, which was about 5 years ago, I was wearing a vivid yellow handbag with the same color shoes. To be honest, I do not recall my dress code for that evening, but I was stunned what an impression these had made, especially to a man. He could not remember the rest of my outfit, which proves how eye-catching and memorable this combination can be.


Yellow is a universal shade for kids. It can be worn both by boys and girls and allows for a wide combination with textures and other colors. Shop yellow kids clothing and shoes here.

#13 Be it a t-shirt, shirt, shorts, dress, pants or hats, you will easily see where your child is in this tint. It is very appropriate for a girl’s swimsuit, and all other beachwear. When I was little, I had this yellow beach hat. My mom always said she never had to look hard to find me at the beach, as I’d stand out from the other kids with it.


Although it should be used with more caution, men can also take advantage of the attractiveness of the yellow. Find here our men's yellow fashion styles.

#14 We recommend that men stick to shirts, ties, t-shirts, blazers or shoes of this vivid tone. Pants may be interesting, but for some events only.

#15 Bright yellow would be suitable for ties and t-shirts, as well as moccasins, snickers and trainers.

#16 For shirts, blazers, casual and work shoes, wear either light yellow, or mustard and darker shades.

#17 Combine a lemon-tint shirt with dark blue jeans and a blue blazer, and brown or blue shoes, and you will have a noticeably stylish appearance. Beachwear can be worn in all hues for men as well.

See what other colors go well together

Read our full article by visiting our page What Colors Go Well Together for Any Outfit or check out the Blog section for more inspiring tips.

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