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Selecting a gift that will be appreciated nowadays is challenging, as everyone has access to millions of shops worldwide. We have put together a gifting guide with gift ideas for every occasion.  

Gift guide – the basics

  1. What gift would the person need?

It is always best to gift things the person would really use because he or she needs them. If you know the person, think if they have mentioned something like “oh, I really need this stuff”. Sometimes this may not be a standard present, but would be an appreciated one, first because you show you listened, and second because it is desired.

  1. What gift would the person like (even if he/she doesn’t need it)?

This could be an item or accessory that would complement the everyday outfit or daily routine of the gift recipient. So think about what style of apparel they wear, what their hobbies are, what gadgets they use. Consider the colors and brands they normally prefer. Today most people are sharing their lifestyles on social media, and you can effortlessly gather information on their outfits, hobbies, and interests. Just go on Instagram or Facebook and scroll their timeline.

  1. What they would never buy themselves, but like in others?

It is common that we like something other people are wearing or using but are never brave enough to get for ourselves. For apparel, this could range from a silk and sexy night gown to chunky boots, an extravagant handbag, or new fashion’s sunglasses. Quite often, if you get an item which was wow-ed about, it will become a favorite.

  1. What the person already has?

Don’t gift something that the recipient already has and avoid very similar items as well. An exception is if the items is worn out and you know is a best-loved one – then, giving an exact same to replace the old one may be noted as caring and thoughtful.

  1. What is an appropriate budget range?

This doesn’t only depend on your means and resources. Even if you are affluent, you should not buy gifts that are more expensive than the perceived standard for the circumstances. For example, don’t buy a designer handbag for your colleague’s birthday – she will definitely get the wrong message. Or a $5 souvenir either. You would not want to make the person feel obliged by an expensive gift, or underappreciated by a cheap crappy one. Balance it out based on common sense.

  1. What is the occasion?

Of course, it is of utmost importance to consider the reason for giving a present. In the section below, you can find lots of ideas for various occasions and recipient types.

After giving some thought on the above gift guide questions, it’s time to choose that perfect gift!

Gift ideas for everyone and every occasion:

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