13 Gift Ideas to Say Sorry to Her

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13 Gift Ideas to Say Sorry to Her

We all mess up occasionally. The key is to show you regret it straightaway.

For most cases trying to fix the trouble you’ve caused, and apologizing will be enough. But to this really special person, you need to take it to the next level with a personally selected meaningful gift.

It’s perhaps natural that we instinctively want to make it up when we have misbehaved towards out loved ones. And what easier thing to do than go out and buy something expensive. This tradition, though, has paved the way for doubt and distrust for ‘no reason gifting’. These days, when someone receives a present without an occasion, the question “what have you done” is the first to pop up, pushing back the “thank you”.

Women are more emotional and sensitive, and usually get affected much easier than men. Thus, it seems they would get an apology gift more often and that’s why we start with women gifting.


It may be so that the price of the item really matters. Depending on how sorry you are (or rather, how upset she is), the gifts may range from not very costly, to rather expensive. We will order them by price range, from low to high:

      1. Scented candles

      2. Plush heart-pillow

      3. Teddy bear

      4. Personalized chocolate box

      5. Large rose bouquet

      6. Lace lingerie

      7. Silver jewelry

      8. Massage for two

      9. Wallet

      10. Designer handbag

      11. Fine jewelry

      12. Luxury watch

      13. Trip to a favorite destination

dolgi gabbana
Designer handbags
dogi gabbana teddybear
Designer handbags
fine jewelry
Fine jewelry
pink purse
lingerie black
Lace lingerie
Luxury watches

Any of these must be accompanied with a true apology and a handwritten note – beware that she will probably keep the note, so do put thought and effort into it.

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