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Long Coats for Women 2022-2023: 40 Best Womens Winter Coats to Buy Right Now

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The excuse to buy a new, warm, and fashionable winter coat is something I look forward to once the weather starts to get chilly. Given that the temperature where I live can get very low, you can guarantee that I’ll be looking for one of the best long winter coats for women. Want to start planning your winter wardrobe now? Get ready to brave the freezing temps like a pro by reading on to find out which of the finest long winter coats for women is the one for you.

The best winter coat gives every outfit the ideal finishing touch. Therefore, they must check a lot of boxes, including being adaptable, warm (obviously), useful but attractive, and simple to dress up or down.

There are two routes you can go while looking for the greatest womens designer coats: you may either choose an classical piece like a camel coat, or you can completely follow the current trends and opt for a colorful, quilted or padded coat. Or if you are not into long winter coat for women, you can always choose a trench coat or a jacket – perhaps if you live in a warmer place of the earth.

We will present you with the most inspiring long coats for women we found at Fashion Finder.

What winter coat is the warmest?

Another choice you need to make is if you prefer a really warm long coat or a more fancy look. If you are looking for the warmest winter coats for women, we’d say they are anything padded or down-filled, as opposed to lightweight raincoats or leather jackets.
A good option is to choose a long coat for women made of 100% wool – that is, if you like the touch of pure wool.

The long puffer coats are also extra warm. Today the manufacturers use techniques that ensure these long coats for women are both warm and light, and despite being quite thin they ensure the cold stays out, while you don’t feel like an Eskimo. Some puffer coats are filled with real feather, if you prefer natural materials. Other quilted jackets are with polyester filling. The lining may be composed of cotton mixed with polyamide, or of polyurethane and other modern-day materials.

What should the price of a winter coat be?

Prices of the long coats for women can vary significantly, depending on the brand, composition, if it is the latest model or not. However, it is important to get a good winter coat that will last, will not sag, fade, or go out of style (too soon). If you choose wisely, that is. So going for the cheapest coat may not be the best approach, unless you are buying a one-time wear for a special occasion, in which case you may opt for the cheap womens winter coats. Choose something that you will frequently wear and can be combined well with most of your wardrobe.
We selected jackets that fall within a wide range of price points to help make things a bit easier.

What is the most affordable long coat available?

We’ve got a selection of really good priced women’s winter coats. Trying to find the best deal isn’t the best thing for the environment, as usually these jackets are made out of artificial materials and the quality is not superb, and thus the jackets are not very durable. But we recognize that not everyone can afford the designer-quality wool wraps that editors adore. Therefore, if you’re looking for an inexpensive winter coat, we advise selecting your long coat for women from ASOS Design or the boohoo brand – we have a few models in our list below as well.

What is the most stylish women’s coat?

To ensure a stylish look, the designer coats women select are often of a mid to high price. Indeed, the finishing touches and small details may be the ones that would make the difference. Tailored coats for women are always instyle as they shaped to fit a lady’s body closely, thus provide a classy appearance.

The colorful coats of Moschino – our favorites for the season

Choose a MOSCHINO coat for women that is really irresistible, and select from several color options. If you are an attention-lover, these ones are the perfect choice for you. Furthermore, they are definitely the among the most instyle women winter outwear right now. Click here to view all MOSCHINO coats we love this 2022-2023 season.

long coat for women

Moschino belted single-breasted coat – Yellow

The best winter coats for women we found this season:

Below we have listed the best designer coats for Winter 2022-2023 we found at Fashion Finder. Choose a sustainable faux fur coat, a classical black coat for women or a camel coat, a wool coat or a multi-color jacket. We will help you discover your desired women long coat, for a stylish and warm season.

Click here to view our selection of long coats for women.
Please note, that items get sold out and prices may change. We will update the product selection with new finds as we discover them.
Oversized coat women

1. boohoo Womens Oversized Dogtooth  Coat

Women coat SALE! Price: €80,00 €48,00

teddy bear coat

2. boohoo Womens Faux Fur Longline Coat – Beige

Women coat SALE! Price: €120,00 €72,00


oversized coat women

3. ASOS DESIGN smart half and half oversized coat in stone-Neutral

An eye-catching model from the fashion styles of Coats & Jackets by ASOS DESIGN.

Price: €107,99

ASOS long coat women

4. ASOS DESIGN smart hero robe coat in brown herringbone

Price: €107,99

women padded coat

5. JJXX high neck longline padded coat in grey-Brown

Coats & Jackets by JJXX.

Price: €108,99

6. Karl Lagerfeld Smiley unisex detachable-sleeve Black trench coat

Women coat SALE! Price: €495,00  €248,00

7. Tommy Hilfiger logo patch mid length padded coat

Women coat SALE! Price: €276,00 €262,00

Pinko women's winter coat faux fur

8. PINKO contrast-border faux fur coat

Price: €365,00

9. ROTATE tortoise-print Brown coat – Oline

Price: €377,00

10. PINKO faux fur Lawn Green belted coat

Price: €450,00

11. Elisabetta Franchi Black Quilted Circle logo-belt coat

Price: €735,00

12. Boutique Moschino BLUE floral-appliqué single-breasted coat

Price: €795,00

13. MSGM single-breasted belted-waist coat in Neutrals color

Price: €795,00

14. Elisabetta Franchi double-breasted Neutrals coat

Price: €840,00

15. Marni herringbone-weave single-breasted red coat

Women coat SALE! Price: €1.980,00 €990,00

brown coat women

16. PHILIPP PLEIN Coat – Brown

This brown coat women is a perfect choice if you like warm colors and a feminine look. It features a V-shaped collar and length below the knee.

Price: €1.078,48

17. Comme Des Garçons ruffled-sleeve double-breasted black coat

Women coat SALE! Price: €2.322,00 €1.277,00

double breasted coat women

18. Dolce & Gabbana brocade double-breasted black coat

Women coat SALE! Price: €2.150,00 €1.290,00

puffer coats for women

19. Burberry contrast-hood black puffer coat

If you are looking for a puffer coats for women, this contrast-hood puffer coat from BURBERRY is the ultimate warm winter coat.

Price: €1.550,00

20. Miu Miu gray houndstooth coat

Women coat SALE! Price:  €2.682,00 €1.609,00

21. Moschino colour-block flared coat – Pink

Price: €1.895,00

22. Moschino button pink strap-detail flared coat

Price: €1.895,00

23. PHILIPP PLEIN black coat

A magnificent long winter coat for women in black, ready to warm you up this season.

Price: €1.938,58

24. BURBERRY Beige Trench Coat –

A classic coat in beige by the world-known brand Burberry.

Price €2.083,76

25. Chloé cape-style belted coat in Neutrals

Price: €2.116,00

26. Burberry padded double-breasted coat in Beige

Price: €2.150,00

27. Moschino Teddy Bear Black buttoned double-breasted coat

Price: €2.470,00

28. Burberry reversible check wool coat in beige

Price: €2.490,00

29. DOLCE & GABBANA Black coat with red flowers

Another stylish find from the Fall-Winter 2022 collection that will make you cozy in the cold days.

Price: €2.755,00

30. Dolce & Gabbana leopard-print belted trench coat

Price: €2.877,00

31. Dolce & Gabbana yellow double-breasted coat

Price: €2.950,00

32. Dolce & Gabbana black with poppy-print oversized coat

Price: €2.950,00

33. Gucci GG-logo single-breasted Brown coat in camel wool

Price: €2.980,00

34. Prada single-breasted light wool grey coat

Price: €3.050,00

35. Gucci Jumbo GG canvas coat

Price: €3.200,00

36. Moschino red door knocker logo coat

Price: €3.860,00

37. Philipp Plein white studded quilted puffer down jacket

Price: €3.955,00

38. Philipp Plein Iconic Plein reversible hooded coat

Price: €4.440,00

39. Valentino bow-detail double-wool coat in Pink

Price: €4.500,00

40. Dolce & Gabbana Damier-design yellow long-hair faux fur coat

Price: €6.950,00

To complement your style, add a matching designer bag from our handbags classics selection.

Prices and availability are valid as per the date of publishing/revising this article. Please note that our affiliate partners (selling websites) may change the prices and availability of all products at all times without prior notice.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of women’s long outwear. However, if you are looking for another jacket model not featured on Fashion Finder, please use our free personal shopper service and we’ll search online for the best price.

Please note, that we promote third party products. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

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