What is GUCCI’s Sylvie Web?

house of gucci sylvia web

As all fashion-lovers know, the prominent House of Gucci was established in 1921 in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci. The label quickly gained popularity for its artisan bags, and later for their extended lines. The brand has several House icons, trademarking the brand’s fashion goods. Undoubtedly, one of them is the Web. Let’s discover what it is and where it came from and then get to the Sylvie Web.

The Sylvie Web

The Sylvie Web is an evolution of the original GUCCI Web. It comprises of blue, red and white stripes and was introduced with the Sylvie bag, hence the name. After the success of the Sylvie bag, it has become one of the symbols of the brand. Nowadays, the Sylvie Web is often found on shoes, where it is featured as buckle straps or sneaker stripes, in bags shoulder straps, watch straps and dials, and more.

Gucci Sylvie Web strap watch

The GUCCI Web vs Sylvie Web

The influence from Guccio’s prior work in London, England, has made its way to the GUCCI collections. This striped design was inspired by the English horse-riding culture. A special belt, known as a “web,” is placed under the horse’s belly to hold the saddle in place.

The colors of the original GUCCI’s Web are green-red-green and are no coincidence. Some argue that the red and green stripes reflect Italy’s flag. While others say that the green color symbolizes the wealth of the countryside owners in England, while the red is derived from the red jackets of the wealthy British hunters.

The green-red-green Web in GUCCI‘s design has evolved to other Web colorways and is stapled on many of the GUCCI bags, t-shirts, jackets, sneakers and more.

The difference between the original Web and Sylvie Web is the colors. The original Web consists of green and red, while the Sylvie Web comprises of white, blue and red. Below are examples of the original Gucci Web:

Gucci sneakers with green and red Web Gucci designer hand bag

Sylvie Web and The GUCCI Double G (GG)

Another House icon is the GUCCI’s Double G. It’s featured on many of the brand’s products, to substitute the official GUCCI logo. Quite often we see it in a combination with the Web, or just as a finishing detail, such as the iconic leather belt’s buckles.

The Sylvie Web coloring is often coupled with the Double G for the brand’s luxury handbags.

The GUCCI Bee and Sylvie Web

The Bumblebee was first used in the GUCCI collections in the 70s. It was later revived by the Creative Director Alessandro Michele in 2015, who was passionate about nature and introduced a number of animals and plants to the visions of the label, such as snakes, tigers and more. It is said that the Bee is a sign of nobility, emphasizing the brand’s high social status.

Some sneakers that use the Sylvie Web design include the Bee embroidered on the web’s stripes or next to them.

The brand’s collections run deeper that just beautiful fashion goods. They offer symbolism, linked to various cultures and prompting of acumen, knowledge or seduction (the snake), noble workers (the bee), courage and power (the tiger).

Discover if fashion was Destiny or Choice for Guccio Gucci, as well as for other world class designers.

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