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21 Types Of Women’s Shoes: A Guide to Ladies’ Footwear

loafers for women blue white

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Since there isn’t a single definition for all specialist shoes, this article describes a variety of footwear options and explains the main characteristics of each one. Although not comprehensive, this list will give you a good understanding of the main different types of shoes which are available.

What Are Shoes?

A shoe is a type of foot covering that has a heel and a sturdy sole, also called footwear. Some, but not all, offer extra fabric that extends all the way to the ankle. Although these are often referred to as boots, shoes can extend over the ankle.

Shoes give the body stability and protection for the feet and legs in our everyday lives. Possibly the most significant piece of attire is a pair of shoes. You require them every day, they complement or detract from every ensemble, and the way they feel and look may change your entire mood.

You will learn all there is to know about shoe styles in this chapter. You will comprehend the fundamental components of the shoe designs, how shoes came to be and how they are best worn, the most typical materials employed, and how various measures and sizes function. You will be able to shop for your style of shoes, boots, sandals or sneakers more comfortably with all of this new information.

Shoes' price can range from cheap to thousands of dollars. With price tags ranging in the millions, among the priciest pairs are the Air Jordans that Michael Jordan wore when he played an incredible game, the precise ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz," and also diamond-encrusted pumps created by renowned designers, and a pair of stiletto high heels are some of the priciest shoes in the world.

Combine your ideal shoe type with a classic designer handbag and select the perfect dress type that would match your style.

So let's dive into the world of types of shoe styles for ladies!

1. Ballet Flats

The ballet flats, also know as ballerinas, these are ladies flat shoes, which are not utilized in ballet dancing, however could also be worn casually. Ballet flats are perfectly combined with slim-fit jeans and t-shirt, or with a short summer dress. As the name suggests, the ballerina shoes practically do not have a heel, thus not the best choice for formal attire, and are mostly preferred by younger girls. Ballerina shoes are not popular among men, as this style is rather feminine.

A number of designer shoes producers offer models of flat ballerina shoes for women, with various extravagant colors and patterns. Although you can wear the ballet flats every day, their thin sole may be problematic for ladies with a fallen arch, for example. You can enjoy the comfort of the ballet flats for women without changing the style by adding an supplementary insole to cushion the shoe.

2. Boots

While typically the shoes are remaining below the ankles, the boots are a type of footwear that primarily protect the feet and ankles, and some boots also cover a portion of the lower leg, while some boots for women go all the way up the leg, occasionally even to the knee or hip. There are so many different fashions of women boots, the most popular are the Chelsea boots, Short boots, the Ankle boots, Knee-high boots, Over-the-knee boots (or Tall boots), Combat boots, Cowboy boots, Rain boots, Desert boots, and Snow boots women (such as the brand Moon Boot and the Ugg boots for women). Riding boots are specially crafted for horseback riding in such a way that the boot would not hurt the animal. To get more details on the varieties of boots you can visit our dedicated directory for women's Boots, where tons of fashion pairs await you. 

The heels also range from complete flat soles, through platforms and high heels. Typically, the boots are worn in winter or rainy seasons, to protect from cold and wet, or for mountain climbing. However, in the recent years we see open toe boots, and fashion boots that are a combination between boots and sandals, or sneakers and boots.

The materials used to make boots range from leather, shierling, synthetic materials, rubber, and some are decorated with lace, stones, bows, and many more. Most popular in color are the black boots, followed by the brown boots for women. However, nowadays some extraordinary colors are used in the women boots designs, such as fuchsia, cherry red, turquoise, gold and silver.

Boots are a necessary shoe type for both men, women and children during the cold winter days, especially in locations with lots of snow or cold weather. It is unimaginable to be out on the snow for longer than 5 minutes without proper boots (and a thick down jacket, as a matter of fact).

Mountain climbing or hiking is also impossible without a stable boot pair. Highly specialized companies produce equipment for mountaineers, thus if you plan to pursue such an adventure, we highly advise you to not place the design and fashion as a priority, but rather to select the boots based on performance and mountain-climbing qualities.

It's always a good idea to get a matching coat for your boots - get inspired with our selection of 40 long coats for women for the upcoming winter season.

3. Clogs

Clogs are wooden shoes, known from the fairy tales and a symbol in Holland, are still existing today, although not in style at the moment in that initial variant, where the sole is wooden, while the upper part can be from wood, leather or other materials. Nowadays, the modern clogs worn today are the Crocs - a trademark company producing fashionable clogs that have gone viral. They are regarded as super comfortable as they are constructed from Croslite, a proprietary closed-cell resin that offers exceptional impact absorption and underfoot cushioning.

Gucci Clogs

Click to view the latest Clogs at Fashion Finder

4. Dance Shoes

The shoes worn for dancing by professionals or amateurs that take dance seriously, are special. They are crafted by producers, specialized in dance shoes design in order to provide the maximum comfort and effect for the particular dance. Some dances require the shoes to produce specific sounds, some need easy body spins and slipping, and some need to be anti-slip.

Shoe styles for Rhythm, Salsa, Bachata, Tango, American Smooth, Latin, Ballroom, and more are there to complement your moves. Step dancers need boots that would produce the sounds desired. The jazz shoes are used for acrobatic type of dances. The selection of shoes may vary depending if they would be worn onstage, during rehearsals or for lessons. Shoes may be handcrafted, and in addition to superb elegance, to ensure comfort. With the use of gel cushioning in the insoles and a particularly designed arch support in the teaching and practice shoes, the producers make sure that the shoes provide excellent support. Be confident as you will you look beautiful, feel incredible, and dance sensationally with such dancing shoes. Everybody can find a design they like because to the wide range of materials, heel heights, and forms available, whether you're a veteran looking for a strappy sandal to glitz up the dance floor or a beginner needing a reliable practice shoe. Amazing colors, textures, and decorations ooze flair and sophistication, and a variety of strap options and fastening styles ensure that the shoes stay on your feet securely. You will have a shoe that will keep you dancing in comfort, any time of the day, thanks to features like cushioned insoles and wide fit designs.

5. Espadrilles

An espadrille's distinguishing feature is its esparto rope sole, while the styles of the uppers range widely, but the original model was made with a canvas or cotton fabric.These summer shoes are usually slip-on, but may have some laces that go around the ankles. Espadrilles come in both flat and platform styles and are worn both by men (flats) and women. They are an excellent addition to jeans, all lengths of summer dresses, shorts, and we recommend to combine with a straw hat and/or handbag.

6. Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are a style of lightweight sandal that are frequently used as a casual form of footwear. They either consist of a solid foundation with a strap across all the toes or a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap known as a toe thong that crosses between the primary and second toes and around both sides of the foot. Used both on the beach, at home and for taking a walk, the flip-flops are especially beloved shoe types from all genders and ages. Usually made out of rubber, it is an open shoe style with a V-shaped strap that fits between the big toe and the toe next to it is known as a "thong" in the US and Australia.

7. Loafers

The key characteristics of a loafer shoe are that they are lace-less and are a type of slip-ons. They were first worn by men as casual shoes, but later became so popular that women began enjoying their comfort and style, while American men started to wear them together with a smart casual attire.

The loafers for women are a perfect match with straight-leg jeans or pants and a shirt or sweater. A variety of women loafers are offered, the most renown women's shoes styles being the Slipper loafers, the Penny loafers, and the Tassel loafers. The Venetian style shoe is another example of a loafer - it's distinctive feature is that it doesn't have any ornaments, straps or the like.

Popular branded models for loafers for women are:

8. Moccasins

Simple soft leather scraps were knotted or sewn together to create a foot cover in the earliest practical moccasins. Although some people still wear moccasins nowadays, most don't look like the classic, soft-soled footwear. Standard moccasins were too informal for a trip to the country after an extended journey, and driving moccasin shoes were invented expressly to address these issues. Other types of shoes had rigid soles that made it uncomfortable to drive a car for extended periods of time.

View our selection of women's moccasins.

9. Mules

Mules are a type of shoe without a back or restriction around the foot's heel. Even though mules were not widely worn until the sixteenth century in Europe, their history dates back to Ancient Rome, and initially were worn only in private, like home slippers. Nowadays they are a favorite women's shoe for casual attire.

The ladies mules may come with a high heel, with wedge sole, low-heeled or flat such as the Birkenstock mules. These shoe types can be made out of leather, fabrics, and may have embroidery or both men and women choose to wear both mules and slides as they are comfortable, easy to put on and off, and go well with most everyday outfits.

Due to the open heel, the ladies mules are not very suitable for business meetings, and are not appropriate for activities that may require fast walking or running, as they can slip out easily and are not characterized as athletic shoes. However, these shoes are perfect for everyday wear and a match for a wide range of clothing combinations - wear them with jeans or pants with any cut, dresses, or a skirt with a loose shirt or blouse.

If you like the yellow mules below, check out what colors combine with yellow to form a superb color coordination.

We've got a wide selection of mules to choose from.

10. Orthopedic Footwear

With more importance being placed on health these days, people are turning more and more to ortho shoes that would benefit the condition and feel of their feet, as well as their posture, back and entire body. People with foot and ankle issues can get support from orthopedic shoes. These shoes have strong, lower heels that provide the highest level of stability, and provide extra padding, which might even reach the insole. They have toe boxes that are wider than are customary for shoes.
People with traumas or suffering from corns, bunions, hammertoes, diabetics and plantar fasciitis frequently use orthopedic shoes. The diabetic shoes, for example, are especially designed to be protective to the skin, which is at risk for people with this disease. The orthopedic shoes are sold in specialized stores, and usually are made to order by taking a molding of each foot of the client and crafting the shoes to the wear at exact feet shape.

More often kids nowadays need orthopedic shoes. It is inconvenient and costly, as they need to be replaced as the feet grow, and usually are not very fashionable and children may not want to wear them. However, addressing the issue on time may save your children from pain and even surgery later in life.

11. Oxford Shoes / Brogues

Dress shoes with closed laces are called Oxfords, and the term comes from their popularity at Oxford University. This indicates that the eyelet tabs are fastened below the vamp as opposed to on top of it (called Derby open lacing). Calf leather-based, patent leather-based, suede, canvas, and artificial materials can all be used to create oxfords. More casual oxfords can come in a wide range of colors and patterns, unlike dressier ones, which are often black or brown.

The eyelets for the shoelaces on these traditional shoes are located under the vamp, or upper part of the shoe; this design element is known as "closed lacing." The leather upper can shut securely around the foot thanks to this design element, which results in a shoe that fits narrowly.

This sort of shoe did not cross the Atlantic until the 1800s, when it was known as a Bal-type. Balmoral is frequently used as a shorthand for "Oxford" in both Scotland and the United States, where any more formal lace-up shoe can occasionally be referred to as a "Oxford".

The term "broguing" refers to the pattern of holes that appears on the shoe's upper leather. So, an Oxford shoe can be a brogue, and many brogues shoes are Oxfords.

12. Platform Shoes

Platform shoes refer to heels and footwear with a thick sole. Platform shoes have soles that range in thickness from, usually between 3 to 10 cm, or 1-4 inches. Platform shoes serve to add visible height, where the sole is more or less the same thickness at the toes and at the heels, in contrast to elevator shoes, whose goal is to conceal the gain in inches. Very popular in 2020s are the platform sneakers for women, but also heeled platform sandals, platform boots, loafers and Oxford lace-up shoes.

It may be a gentle way to add some inches to your height and prolong the legs without the need to skew your feet with high heels. Often the platform is used to compensate part of the heel height, especially for the super-high options.

The platform shoes may have a very rough and chubby appearance, but may also be offered in a very stylish and elegant manner combined with thinner heels and pointy toes, for example.

13. Pumps or Court Shoes

Are we speaking about the same types of shoes and why does it have two names? Yes, just that in the UK, they are called a court shoe, while in America the same type of shoes are known as pumps, usually with mid to high heel. However, flat pumps shoes also exist, usually are models for men. Interestingly enough, there is a "pumps" shoe type in the UK as well, but it refers to flat or low heel shoes, so it is very important to make a distinction of the nationality of your companions. Initially worn by the high-society men, the court has a low-cut front, and usually has a bow or a buckle on the front as a fashion detail.

The pumps for women are footwear with high heels, very feminine in general. These more formal shoe styles are ideal for combining with dresses, jumpsuits and skirts, but are excellent for pants and jeans as well. The pump shoes come in practically every color you may think of - if you are wondering how to combine your extravagantly-colored heeled shoes, read our article on the art of color matching your outfits.

Beautiful designs of pump shoes are offered by a list of luxury fashion designers, such as:

Casadei womens pumps shoes

Casadei Pumps

Click the image to view all heeled shoes

14. Sandals for women

This is a very broad patch of summer footwear, consisting of innumerable types of fashion and combinations. The women sandals can be high heeled, flat sandals for women, with wedge sole, platforms, and nowadays even boot sandals and sneaker sandals exist. The main characteristic is that they are open shoes, with only straps and leashes that are attached to the sole and tied to the foot and ankle. This is the oldest type of shoe ever worn by a human, and nowadays is popular among all genders and ages. The materials used include leather, rubber, wood and modern materials.

Sandals is an excellent choice for many occasions and styles. Mix and match the same pair of black stone embellished sandals with an evening dress and ripped skinny jeans and a designer t-shirt, for example.

Some of our favorite are the Gucci sandals women. Browse our hand-picked designer sandals selection below:

15. Slides / Sliders

Much like the mules, the slides are also backless shoes, with the difference being that the slides are open-toe, while the mules are closed-toe shoes. Slides are seen as more casual shoes because to their different structural design, whilst mules can be worn to more formal occasions. This does not imply, however, that mules cannot be comfortable enough to wear every day or that slides, which resemble slippers at first glance, are purely casual. The primary motivation for wearing mules and slides is simply comfort; in the 17th century, mules were frequently seen in European dressing rooms and boudoirs.

Although more popular among the ladies, due to their history as sportswear, slides have become very common among guys. Comfortable foot-bed inserts were first created by the shoe industry, which eventually transformed them into complete shoes by adding a strap over the straightforward molded foot-bed. To wear while moving from the changing area to the gym mat, this straightforward design was initially intended for "gymnastic shoes." The slide became well-liked among casual clothing outside of the gym.

Womens sliders blue

Dolce & Gabbana 'Bianca' sliders - Blue

Click the image if you are curious to see more sliders

16. Slingback Shoes

The women's shoes known as slingbacks offer a strap, going around the ankle and offer a design with bare heel. These types of shoes may be considered a type of sandal, however only the back side of the shoe is open, while the toe is closed, resembling pumps. The strap is usually adjustable, providing a perfect fit for every lady.

The design of the Slingback shoes offers a variety of toe shapes, from pointy to round and square. Very popular are the two-tone options, as well as crystal decorations at the shoe front. The heels also come in a wide assortment - low and high heels, completely flat, mid-height heels, thin, thick, square or round. Thus, the combination of options are endless which makes this type of shoe a desired pair to have at handy.

17. Sneakers

With the years of lock-downs due to the COVID pandemic, the comfortable and casual has gained ground over the formal and strict, and sneakers have become among the most sought after types of womens shoes. The sneaker has many names, including tennis shoes, trainers, athletic shoes, gym shoes, kicks, sport shoes, flats, running shoes, or runners (source: Wikipedia), and all of which are footwear styles that were originally made for sports or other forms of physical activity but are now frequently worn for casual daily wear.

The main sneakers for women brands for athletic shoes are Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Reebok and more. However, almost all of the designer brands also offer trendy models with the brand's signature style and logo. Some of the most desired womens sneakers labels include Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada, Air Jordan, Golden Goose, Valentino Garavani, and more. Companies such as Converse, Tommy Hilfiger, Pinko, Michael Kors, Elisabetta Franchi, Armani Exchange, Versace, Versace Jeans Couture offer premium quality footwear at an affordable price.

In terms of different types of shoes, the womens sneakers come in many forms. From Low-top to High-top, lace-up, slip-on sneakers and running shoes, chunky and funky trainers, futuristic and retro, basketball models and performance trainers,

So many styles and variants of women trainers exist - check out our article on the Top Women Sneaker Trends for more insights on women sneakers.

Did you hear about the recent break-up of the Adidas-Yeezy collaboration? The German sportswear giant announced ending the partnership in October, 2022.

18. Wedding Shoes

As the name suggests, these are womens shoes designed especially for weddings. For the wedding, the bride typically—but not always—wears a dress. White pumps made of satin are the most frequent pair of shoes worn with wedding gowns. Although these are popular options, these are not the only ones. Some brides favor slings, stilettos, kitten heels, or sandals. Even some brides like to exchange vows while wearing sneakers or boots. The choice ultimately belongs to the bride.

Normally, white or off-white, beige or pale pink in color, they are usually with mid-heel aiming to combine comfort that would last through the entire wedding day, and a feminine vision. Some ladies aim to buy wedding shoes that will be appropriate for other occasions and will be worn more than just on the wedding day, while others look for a pair only for the occasion. If you are a bride-to-be, looking for that special dress, check out our article on the Wedding Dress Styles and select the perfect dress for you.

19. Wedges

The wedge is identified as a piece of material, making up both the sole and the heel. These types of soles can be seen in sandals, espadrilles, shoes, boots, and even sneakers. The disguised wedges, where the added height is hidden, are called elevator shoes. Known from the 1930s, the wedges shoes are a preferred type of women's footwear because of the stability they offer as opposed to the high heels, while  providing the extra height every lady craves about. The difference between platforms and wedges is that the platform is more or less with equal height at the toes and at the heel, while the wedge is slim at the toes and high at the heel.

Particularly popular are the espadrille wedges, where the heel is covered by the esparto rope, and are perfect to combine with jeans or summer dresses. There are wedding wedges options, if you are planning a more casual celebration. In terms of color, the variety is quite vast, but there are several variants that stand out in popularity. The black wedges are desired for their practicality and easy mixing, and so are the white wedges and nude wedges (also called tan wedges).

The closed toe wedges are ideal for colder wheather, as they can be worn with socks, while the peep toe wedges and the wedge platform sandals are suitable for slipping them on barefoot.

See our selection of wedges for women here.

20. Baby Shoes and Toddler Shoes

The truth is, newborns do not need shoes until they start walking. However, for family gatherings and events, you'd like your baby's attire to look complete. Thus, designers have crafted special shoes, whose only function is just to look pretty - often called booties. Baby shoes are among the cutest things ever, right? So quite often we cannot resist the temptation to buy every lovely pair of newborn and baby shoes you see, despite the fact that the baby does not need them.

That being said, once the baby starts walking it is actually quite important to find a decent pair of shoes. Depending on the season, these may be sneakers, boots, shoes or sandals. We recommend getting shoes with straps or zip closure, instead of buckles. The shoes are best to be with a soft and flexible sole, light-weight and easy to put on and off, but not as easy that they'd come off by themselves. Poor quality or inappropriate shoes may actually have a very negative effect on the baby's feet - if the baby is not comfortable with the shoes, he or she may develop unnatural way of stepping that may lead to further issues later on. Actually, it may be better to leave the baby barefoot at home or on other safe purposes that have inappropriate shoes.

Check our the cute Baby Boy shoes and Baby Girl shoes.

21. Sports Shoes

Although the sneaker (or trainer) is a general term for sport shoes, there are actually different kinds of shoes for each sport. Let's go over the most popular ones:

Tennis shoes

Boat shoes

Basketball shoes

Air Force

Climbing shoes

Running shoes and Cross country running shoes

Tai-chi shoes

Riding boots


Other types of shoes

We have covered the majority of the primary shoes types, however we would not like to leave out the less known ones, as some of them are quite interesting fashion options.

Traditional shoes

Almost every country or region in the world have their original shoes, that have been worn by the folks in the old ages, and now are mostly part of the folklore costumes. Some examples are:

  • Gesha - Japan

  • Galesh - Iran

  • Tsarvuli - Bulgaria

  • Opanci and Opinga - Southeast Europe

  • Zori - Japanese straw sandals

  • Jutti - India

  • Bast Shoes - Northern Europe

  • Mocassins - North America

  • Huaraches - Mexico

  • Lotus Shoes - China

  • Sindhi Mojari - Pakistan

  • Pampooties - Ireland

  • Tsarouhi - Greece (King guards)

  • Spectator Shoes

An exciting oxford styled shoes, characterized by a two-color pattern used to create low-heeled, normally made out of leather-based or suede with brogue elements.


Let's not leave out the good old homeys - the slippers. Used at home, they are designed for comfort and warmth, usually made out of fabrics.

Toe Shoes

The toe shoes are similar to the gloves, but designed for the foot. This shoe has five toe boxes, each for the foot fingers. One cannot purchase these shoes for an ordinary shoe store, as they require a very precise measurement of each foot and finger and are produced individually.

Jika-tabi shoes

Similar to the toe shoes, the Jika-tabi is also an extravagant shoe type, however it has only two compartments for the toes, portraying the feet as camel cloven hoof.

Types of Heels

There are several main types of heels used for the women's shoes. Each has its charm and appropriate occasion or purpose, and it is always good to be informed what each one means.

Stiletto Shoe Heel

A long, thin, high heel is referred to as a stiletto, named after the stiletto dagger, according to Wikipedia.

When a platform sole is employed, stiletto heels can range in height up to the unbelievable 25 centimeters (10 inches) or even higher. The minimum height for a heel to be called Stiletto is 2.5 cm (1 inch). Usually the heel is thin at the bottom - less than 1 centimeter (slightly less than half an inch). Kitten heels are the stiletto-style ones that are 5 cm (2.0 in) or less in height.

black heels womens shoes

Blocked shoe heels

For ladies who need shoes that can be dressed up or down with various outfits, block heels are a wardrobe need. A block heel has a big surface-area, thickly formed heel. This contemporary shoe type strikes a mix between cute and practical, and it can be worn with either a cocktail dress or a skirt for a sophisticated casual ensemble. This shoe is a cozy and fashionable option worth considering because it is more durable and stable than thinner substitutes.

white shoes for women

Square Heels

As the name suggests, the shape of the base of these shoes' heels are square.

Short Heels

Anything below 2 inches in height would fall into this category.

Medium Heels

Shoes offering heels between 3 and 4 inches.

High Heels

These must be at least 4 inches high, but they arrive in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. The stiletto we spoke about above is just one of the fashion options of high heels.

Very High Heels

Your outfit will soar to new heights and draw attention if you wear extremely high heels. Some really high heels can be up to 8 inches long, and they frequently have a platform for comfort, which creates a stunning and extravagant runway look.

High Shoes with No Heel

Fashion shoes with no heels are extremely eye-catching and a challenge to walk in, so not many ladies dare to wear them. These models offer a sole designed so that the body weight would be transmitted to the toes, leaving the heel 'hanging' in the air.

no heel shoes for women

Thick Heels

A broad-base shoe type with thick heels enhances comfort, balance, and performance.

Chunky Heels

These shoes are exceptionally simple to walk in because of their broad surface area and sturdy platform block at the foot's ball. Sneakers with chunky sole are also a hit at the moment.

Dolce Gabbana chunky sole pink Women sneakers

Cuban Heels

A short to medium heel with straight sides that may have a slightly tapering rear. Cubans are worn by both ladies and gents, which makes them a popular choice.

Cone Heels

This shoe, which comes in a variety of heights from short to extremely high, is a versatile option that goes well with most attire. Cone heels have a feminine contour, a firm foundation, and a triangular design that will beautifully enhance long legs.

Spool Heels

The shape resembles an hourglass and it was popular in the 1950s, but rarely seen nowadays.

Choosing the right shoe size

Shopping online for shoes may become difficult once you start filtering by size. The reason is that there are different sizing systems in the UK, the US, Continental Europe, Asia, Russia, and systems as the Mondopoint. In addition, sizes vary among shoe producers as well, and may differ among the same manufacturer depending on the market that the particular shoes are made for.

It is important to also check if the style is regular fit, wide fit or slim fit, as the shoes' width and its right fit for you is of utmost importance for the comfort and well being of your feet.

Thus, although you may know your shoe size, we always recommend that you check the size guide for the particular model and brand. This may require you to measure your feet in inches or centimeters, depending on the country of origin of the shoes. Remember to measure both right and left foo, as there may be a significant difference. If there are comments or recommendations for the shoe pair you like, definitely check those out as well - usually, if the size on the label does not match the reality, clients will share this information.


Every one of us needs shoes. Women (but also some men) have epic collections of shoe pairs - boots, sneakers, heels, sandals of various brands may take up entire rooms. Our shoes, together with our fashion style as a whole, together with our clothing and accessories such as handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. They have an impact on how we move, function, and exercise. An outfit or even an entire day can be made or broken by the choice of shoes.

We want to hear your thoughts now that you are fully informed about what constitutes a shoe, the various varieties of shoes, when each type is worn, and the rationale behind each one's development. Have you got any other inquiries about shoes that weren't addressed here? Would you like to give any additional information about shoes? Ask questions or post comments right here!

If you need a new pair of shoes, at Fashion Finder we've found some of the best deals of fashion shoes. And if you are in search of a particular type of shoe or boot that you cannot see on our site, you can use our specialized Personal Shopper service and we will help you by browsing the entire catalogues of our partners, offering millions of items altogether. Just fill in the relevant information and we will get back to you shortly with the best matches we find online.

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