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Types of Fashion Styles: how to choose yours

gatsby fashion style

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Fashion Styles: select yours from this complete list

Fashion continues to evolve because it’s art. Selecting the right type of fashion style can make a huge impact on your life. With our appearance, we try to portray our values, ideologies, qualities, and lifestyle in general. The way we look, the colors, styles, and condition of our outfits speak more about ourselves than we may be aware of. Thus, discovering your style is very important and may help you better understand who you are.

Sometimes, the outfits you like to see on others may not fit your personality and thus look inapt. We will discuss the best types of fashion styles as it is easy to find what you are looking for when you understand the key characteristics and what they portray. Finding your personal style will help you avoid buying clothes that would not match your wardrobe.

How can one select a good fashion? Fashions are widely popular forms, aesthetic vehicles for creativity, especially for clothing and accessories. Your preference for style depends on your tastes, life styles, hobbies, location, cultural preferences, spending budget and current seasons.

How can we get the most suitable clothes? This is your top fashion style list to narrow down your focus. In the world today, there’s no need to choose only one. If you learn their distinct features, it will be easier to mix and match between styles and create your own original look and outfit of the day.

So, let’s dive into the deep with the legendary styles of today’s fashion industry, and aim to find your own style.

1. Casual fashion style

With the Covid-19 crisis, many of us started wearing primarily casual clothes. Thus, we start with this fashion style as it is the most popular at the moment. The Casual style is an informal relaxed style of what you might wear on the weekend. It emphasizes comfort and enjoyment and makes it easy to look stylish. Think jeans, comfortable T-shirts, and sneakers or flat boots. The streetwear, hip-hop, boho, sporty style and many more are types of casual styles, but casual style can also mean preppy or lounge-wear.

Casual clothes are no particular set of codes, but rather are all those items considered by many traditionally as ineligible. Think of the casual wear as a specific set of clothes worn to relax and maintain a level of elegance for the purpose of using it comfortably. When you have to choose the garment and match it to another, casual clothes often blend the fashion style and comfort. Try to find the right garment for you and feel more creative.

Casual outfit by Elisabetta Franchi

2. Glamorous style (Old Hollywood)

Elegant glamour reflects Hollywood’s golden age with classy elegance. It’s fit for bold, dramatic, and idealistic souls. Glitter, fur-embroidered and fluffy materials, pearl and lace embellishes a look that is Old Hollywood style. The colors are dramatic and bold - black, red, golden and silver are perfect. Glam design creates the illusion that we are already famous. Instagram influencer Jasmine Chiswell is an everyday woman who embraces this style, wearing casual Marilyn attire. You might need confidence to wear such an outfit in the public eye, but romanticizing your life can make your daily activities more magical. My wardrobe always needs glamour and fashion sense as the style icons.


3. Bohemian fashion style

A very natural style known also as “boho” or “boho chic,” the bohemian style derives from the hippie culture of the 1960’s, symbol of the free-spirit and alternative influences of the time. The trademarks of the boho style outfits are the neutral, earthy tones and natural fabrics such as cottons, denim, silks, and hemp. Besides flowering patterns and floral prints, it is often used to create patterns of folklore or ethnic elements. Layering is a characteristic in boho design too, and the models are flowy, long and loose.

The boho chic is perfect for you if you enjoy loose-fitting casual wear in neutral colors, straw hats, shell necklaces and handcrafted clothes. Don't go for it if you are into bright colors, bodycon dresses and trendy fashion.

4. Artsy fashion style

If you’re a creative soul that loves to experiment with various clothing styles, an artsy look might be perfect for you. Someone who embodies the unconventional artsy style aims to make a statement with their clothing. They seek out bold and colorful pieces and stay away from traditional items. Because there are no rules for what someone with an artsy style should or shouldn’t wear, the wearer is free to fully express themselves and be as experimental as they want. The Artsy fashion style will definitely fit you if you enjoy creating new items in your living spaces. Many artists like to wear unusual clothes or create unique crafts which enhance the style. The definition of art-inspired fashion style is broad and flexible so you need bold and creative thinking for you to find your artsy style.

artsy fashion style

5. Streetwear fashion styles

Streetwear is a casual fashion style that first became popular in the 1990s. It incorporates comfortable yet trendy clothing such as logo T-shirts and crop tops, hoodies, baggy pants, and expensive sneakers. Streetwear takes inspiration from both hip-hop and skater style, with the added element of intentional product scarcity. Followers of the latest trends in streetwear are known as hypebeasts, and many go to great lengths to procure limited-edition designer baseball caps, hoodies, sneakers, and more. Techwear is also a substyle of the streetwear. Their core is the tech and lux materials applied to functional pieces of the Streetwear fashion.

Although it may sound that the streetwear fashion styles are cheap clothes, actually the style includes clothes from luxury brands as Gucci, Prada, Off-White, Balenciaga, Raf Simons and more. Collaborations such as Fila x Fendi, Supreme x Louis Vuitton, A Bathing Ape x Commes des Garcons, and Stussy x Dior had a tremendous success. The hip-hop style has been largely promoted by stars like Kanye West and 50 Cent, the latter even launched his own line.

Of course, you can opt for mid-range brands like Nike, Adidas and more, or go for the mass-market products - you'll definitely be able to combine the looks, the only thing you'll be missing is the labels.

6. Trendy fashion styles

The trendy fashion style knows no bounds. This fashion style has no specific characteristics - it is constantly evolving and changing to reflect the latest vogue and season’s latest and greatest trends. Those who implement a trendy style are always staying up-to-date on the latest in fashion and are accustomed to reinventing their wardrobe as the seasons change. While not the most economically-efficient style to follow, it is favored by those who like to be the first to show off with the latest craze, to change things up and are bold enough to experiment with daring trends.

7. Classic fashion style

The classic fashion style is an umbrella term for a polished everyday style that incorporates elements of workwear, such as blazers, pencil skirts, and khakis. This more professional look is appropriate for the office and other settings where you want to look your best.  The classic style can be worn for many seasons and decades at any time. This emphasizes a simple cut shape and silhouette allowing an elegant, timeless, modern and classic look. For the most timeless wardrobe, take inspiration from these timeless, stylish outfits.

The classic fashion combines comfort and simplicity with simple elegance with clean, straight line designs. This elegant and polished office look is ideal when paired with specific occasions. The most commonly worn clothing are pencil skirts, Khaki pants, slacks and blazers.

8. Victorian inspired style

Tell me the easiest way to dress like a king? Victoria's style began in 1837 when King Victoria took the reign. At a very young age, she inspired people with her vogue sense for clothes. She was inspired by silk lace, velvet, satin ruffle lace and heirloom pieces that remained largely unexplored throughout the 20th. Historic shows like "Victoria" and " Bridgerton " on ITV have also contributed to Victorian revival in contemporary fashion. It's very popular to wear mainly popular clothes of Victorian styles such as corsets, shirts with long skirts, and detailed blouses.

RIXO Women's Sara Denim Dress - Denim Mix
Modern Victorian-inspired fashion

9. Feminine fashion style

Feminine style is characterized by pastel colors, lace, flounces, bows, and florals. If you decide to adhere to this style of dress, you’ll likely find yourself wearing flattering feminine silhouettes such as A-line dresses or cinched waistcoats. Those who enjoy dressing up and wearing lots of dresses and skirts, or, on more casual days, a nice blouse with fitted jeans will greatly enjoy trying out the feminine style.

It represents the traditional expectations about how one should dress and the design and tone of clothes considered to be feminine at the time. This includes color pastels, lace, florals ruffles blouses, skirts or dresses. Depending on your body type, these garments may include jeans fitted with waistcoats and skirted shirts.

10. Preppy fashion style

Preppy style is typically associated with the upper-class crowd, as it is inspired by the uniforms of the prep school students at the private schools and sports of the affluent, such as golf, polo, tennis and sailing. Preps clothes include polo shirts worn under knitted sweaters, crew-neck sweaters, Oxford shirts, argyle socks, structured blazers, and A-line skirts, and khakis. Accessories include cloth-wrapped headbands and glasses. Nowadays, numerous brands from luxury to affordable ones offer the Preppy outfits, thus you don’t need to spend a fortune to get this look.

preppy fashion style kids
Preppy Fashion Style

11. Gatsby fashion style

The style of The Great Gatsby and the 1920s is among the most popular party themes, and is so distinct that even though 100 years have passed since it’s creation, one can immediately identify it. Also called the Flappers style, its’ popularity today is largely due to the re-make of the famous best-selling novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. The Gatsby dress code is formal, glamour, sophisticated, and sexy. The typical dress is the Flapper Dress with tiers of fringes or art deco patterns of hand beaded and sequin detail, while the men would wear a black suit with a white button up collared shirt, black or white bow tie and black formal shoes. The ladies’ accessories are a must: flapper headband, jewelry, and long gloves.

This fashion style is ideal for a themed event, but rarely can be seen at a regular party or a club. Thus, even if you are really fond if the Gatsby attire, don't invest in it as chances are, you won't be able to dress for a party with it.

Although Gatsby attire can be found only in specialized stores, here you may find some similar sequined dresses that are a contemporary ancestor of the style.

12. Military fashion style

This is a style of clothing in which everything has a khaki and sand palette. You dress like you are on a safari or like you are in the military. All the clothes have a comfortable relaxed fit, patch pockets and wide belts. Popular for both men and women, and also convenient for boys to wear clothes with military prints, as it allows for some dirt to go unseen.

13. Gothic fashion style

Gothic clothing dates back to 1700. A darker, secret and ethereal style reflects the desire by late people to question tradition and resistance to conform. The gothic fashion refers to a dark mysterious style of fashion which verges on the edge of morbidness; you may have heard of it as dressing like the vampires. The whole idea here is that the edgiest and most interesting thing will happen. Gothic fashion has its own ties to witchcraft and magic – so today witches love dark and mysterious outfits.

The Goth style includes an alternative category named Glam Gothic. The style offers an artistic classy and avant-garde compared with traditional gothic styles. This style is associated with teenagers and rock musicians who dress exclusively in black but it is a lot more than that. It encompasses a wholly distinct Gothic culture and includes movies, fiction, and very passionate followers. Of course, you can use the Gothic style as much as you wish.

14. Evening fashion style

Black tie and White tie events is where one would wear clothes of the Evening fashion style. For the ladies it would mean a long or mid-length formal dress or gown. For men, it is a tuxedo with a bow-tie or a formal suit. Nowadays, there are cheaper formal dresses and gowns, thus you can afford to buy a formal black dress at an affordable price.

Maria-Lucia-Hohan-Eden formal dress

15. Business Casual

The casual outfits for business meetings and attending the office, that are not as formal as the suit and tie option, are classified as business casual. Combining one-tone jeans (preferably without a wash-out effect, no rips or embellishments) with a shirt and a sporty blazer is the classical business casual style. Casual pants, a shirt and a sweater may also be a business casual style to wear at the office. This style works very well for both women and men, and is predominant in the work wear nowadays, as it’s super flexible and easy to combine.

Once you get a few shirts, blazers and jeans or pants, you can rotate them for variety, and add accessories to freshen up the look. For ladies, colorful scarfs are the best choice for the business casual look. They can be worn on the neck in various shapes, or as belts. For men, sporty ties of vibrant colors may be used to retouch the appearance.

business casual men's style

16. Chic fashion styles

The word “Chic” means elegance and stylishness and generally describes a particular style. It is elegance without too much color. A clean and tidy style as most black and white are used here. Other colors may be more subtle or less loud but it's pure classy ecstatic elegance without overdoing it. The simplicity is absent from the vivid color scheme.

Casual chic is an elegant, effortless clothing style with a classic feminine look. It is a perfect combo of style and relaxed style with enduring and sophisticated pieces. Learn about casual clothing styles that are essential to look beautiful and stand out.

How to look chic instantly?

Keep your clothes simple and concentrate on your shoes instead, this is a great strategy on looking stylish instantly. Or add an extravagant hat that will distinguish you from the crowd. I'd usually pick something that's easy to wear and one I know is comfortable. A straight black skirt is an ideal pairing for my wardrobe, and is matched up with a chic blouse. In addition, I focus all my attention mainly on my accessories whatever occasion I use them.

17. Sexy fashion Style

If you like to provoke or looking for a new partner, this style may be for you. It's all about emphasizing the body parts that are considered attractive. Usually these are fitted, shorter dresses and outfits, showing enough flesh but also leaving a lot to the imagination. The colors for women are usually red, black, with a lot of lace and thin straps. The undergarments are usually also tempting and so are the shoes and accessories. For men, it would usually mean slim fir jeans or pants and a fitted t-shirt that underline the body shape.

18. Formal Office style

As opposed to the business casual fashion style, the dress code in a business formal office style is strict and must include a business suit set of matching formal jacket and dress pants or a dress skirt. For the men it may also embrace a marching vest. A white or light blue shirt and a dark tie are a must, although there may be some flexibility with these shades. The colors should be dark, such as black or dark blue.

19. Vacation (resort) fashion style

Ahhh, our favorite. This style is all about relax and vacation. Although it is usually worn during vacations, one can express their vacation mood at home as well. The vacation style garments are breezy and carefree-looking clothes, made of linen, cotton and silk, with the temperament of vacationers. White sundresses, linen pants and shirts, colorful shorts are all examples of the vacation style. This casual wear style includes clothes known as Alohawear, Resortwear and also the Island fashion - colors that match beaches (white, pastel blue and brown) add timelessness to the collection. Island designs are usually pretty bright, so do not fear flower-like patterns. Choose from the frilly maxis skirt and chiffon island skirt.

20. Sporty fashion style

The sporty or "athleisure" style is becoming increasingly common, and for good reason. Not only is activewear effortlessly fashionable, it’s also one of the most comfortable styles of clothing you can wear. Those who sport this fashion trend can typically be found in trendy sportswear articles such as tank tops, jerseys, sweatshirts, yoga pants, and other gym-ready clothing items. Such products are usually made from breathable, stretchy fabric that is comfortable enough to exercise in and cute enough to wear to various occasions.

21. Vintage fashion style

Vintage style refers to clothing that emulates styles popularized in a previous era. Because fashion trends tend to be cyclical, one could argue that most styles on this list are vintage in some form—and you would be right. What differentiates the vintage style, however, is that while it can refer to any past decade, it typically pulls looks from between the 1920s and 1970s. When adhering to a vintage style consider implementing best-loved trends of the past, such as pinup clothing, flapper dresses, circle skirts, wide-leg trousers, and petticoats, into your wardrobe.

Vintage garments have a classic style with exquisite elegance. These fabrics were invented in the past, but they're not actually bygones at all. Our research shows, that it’s not that easy to get yourself vintage garments. One can buy vintage replicas, but keep in mind the price of some might be quite high. Another option is to look for a pre-owned item, just check the condition description to make sure you will be able to use the clothes as intended. And the third option is to buy similar to the vintage style items, and re-style with some sewing tricks.

22. Exotic fashion style

The Exotic fashion style is a clothing style based on rich smoky colors, oriental patterns, chatoyant textures, shinig jewelry and long flowing dresses such as kaftans. It is influenced mostly by elements from the Middle East and India, and is gaining popularity around the globe as more and more fashion designers implement his style. The characteristic hairstyle is long dark locks, complemented with exotic make-up. Add that Eastern feel with exotic jewelry to complete the look.

23. Grunge fashion styles

Those with an edgier side will enjoy sporting the grunge style of clothing. It’s inspired by grunge songs that began in the '80s. The design focus was heavily on the layered silhouette. When implementing the grunge style, consider stocking your wardrobe with torn, worn-looking clothing with a baggy fit. The messier the better. Grunge style staples include leather jackets, beanies, flannel shirts, ripped denim, combat boots, and band t-shirts. It has a pronounced tendency towards sagging clothing, dirty, and ripped garments. It's aimed at anyone so you can use the style in your outfit and make a difference.

Some of the fashionistas favorite items are black leather jackets and pants. When you want to be dressed in grunge fashion, you must remember to choose a black leather jacket that is larger than your usual size, black leather pants and combine them with white plain shirts.

24. Cowboy and Cowgirl fashion style

This Western classic fashion style is what one would see in the movies. It is the cowboy leather boots, the jeans or leather pants with fringes, the checkered shirt, characteristic vest and cowboy hat. It's very distinguishable, and comes in and out of fashion. If you are a fan, follow the trends and pull out your cowgirl / cowboy attires when the tide is right.

25. Tomboy fashion style

Tomboy’s style was an inherited style from the early 1900's. It started with Katherine Hepburn and began with her passion for the sportingwear aesthetic. She was among the first women to wear a sexy skirt. Today Katherine's fashion inspires women to resist gender stereotypes if they wear clothing that feels beautiful, strong, empowered. In 2021 Squid Game actress Sae Byok is arguably one of the most famous models for this style. She wore white polo pants, a black mens clothing blazer and trousers in the last scene.

Opposite to the feminine style of dress, the tomboy style avoids overly-girly pieces in favor of a more masculine or gender-neutral wardrobe. Clothing items that are commonly worn include loose-fitting trousers and jeans, oversized blazers, collared shirts, suits, baggy shirts, and slouchy cardigans.

26. Punk fashion styles

Let your rebellious side shine through into your style by adhering to the punk aesthetic. Punk is a 1960s and 70s style with an aggressive, anti-materialistic and rebellious aesthetic. Punk clothing is favored by rebels and rule-breakers alike. Rock punks hallmarks are The print may also have vivid colors. Take a look at David Bowie for a look at punk rock. Conversely, shirts from bands, jeans featuring provocative messages, skater skirts, or skinny jeans have the pop-punk vibe. Accessories for all punk style styles include wristbands, chains, earrings with stud patches, and security pins, as well as boots.

While your hair may be bright and colorful, punk clothing is traditionally dark and typically black. Hallmarks of the punk look include fishnet stockings, studded or slashed vests with spikes, leather jacket slacks, ripped jeans, leather pants and skater skirts.

27. E-girls fashion style

E-girl fashion was developed with an increase in internet and anime in 2010 mainly through TikTok video sharing. The style comes as the alternative variant of emo and goth style, combined with Tokyo Street Styles. In 2021, e-girl style also became popular as game streaming with a growing community, a subcategory which used a richer color palette. In girls-style, look at chain necklaces, crop tops, plaid skirts, large jumpers, cargo skirts, minimal jewelry and pop-dyed hair.

28. Ethnic fashion style

The Ethnic fashion can have a variety of appearances, as it represents all outfits, inspired by the countries and regions they originate from. This style represents a cultural heritage and allows the wearers to acknowledge themselves and recognize the ethos of their origins. The word ethnic implies that a group in society shares specific characteristic traits. Sometimes, when we visit a foreign land and we are fascinated by the heritage, we tend to buy ethnic clothes that we wear without belonging to the ethos. Nevertheless, we are celebrating this culture which is always a positive vibe.

29. Girl next door

The girl next door isn’t just a classic movie trope; it has become a fashion style all on its own. Characterized by casual clothing, this classic style is generally unassuming, simple, and sweet. You won’t see the girl next door wearing excessively bold or attention-grabbing pieces. Instead, you’ll find her closet full of tennis shoes, simple t-shirts, classic denim shorts, as well as other timeless and casual style staples.

Although not considered an aesthetic, it is renowned for simplicity and cuteness. It is a look you may have tried before. It is made of easy-to-wear and comfortable garments including jeans, jumpers, mini dress t-shirt, and skirt shirts. You can have cool and simple accessories such as shoes for children or dolls, backpacks, and more.

30. Cottagecore

A more recent fashion style, cottagecore was created in an effort to promote rural life, simple farmlife and local crafts. The lifestyle encourages closer contact with nature – hence the term "chandice core". The phrase core signifies an emerging category. “Cottagecore” is an Instagram and Twitter hashtag created by a Twitter user. Due to influencers spread across platforms, a massive boom in Millenial and Zoomers communities has happened across platforms. Cottagecore combines modern aesthetics with romantic rural scenes in its essence.

31. Fairycore style

Fairycore is similar to Cottagecore and Goblincore. The style was seen on several social networks including Instagram and TikTok, as the ethereal look was added. Cottagecore aims for simplicity and the simplicity of the farm life whilst Fairycore highlights enchanted areas of the forest which make life more magical. For this to take place it is important to have a dreamy and surreal look from the hair to makeup. Incorporating floral or whimsical forest symbol like mushrooms in your accessories is a great way to enhance your overall style.

32. Loungewear fashion styles

Lounge clothing represents elegance and comfort. This style primarily aims to be best at being relaxed. Due to Pinterest-inspired trends, people can easily see someone wearing lounge shorts or sweaters everywhere these days. The rising popularity of these styles is attributed in part to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Celebrities show them in bike short shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies... and some of them in shirts and pants! However, their stylish appearances captivated many hearts.

33. Camp style

Susan Sontag defined camp culture by deliberately overstating it. In an essay written in 1964: "The essence of Camp lies in the love to the Unnatural: artifice and exaggerations". In her earliest days, she used to wear outrageous and exaggeration outfits in films and shows. Throughout 2019 this style domina

Dolce & Gabbana leather biker jacket - Black

ted the annual Met Gala, showing the Art Nouveau inspired sights and outfits that define the vastness and exaggeration Sontag emphasizes in the 1964 essay.

34. Biker/ Rocker styles

Obviously motorcycle enthusiasts are not devoted to fashion but practical style inspired new and popular styles. Biker Styles is rooted in edgy Vampire style and motorbike lifestyle. Consider leather jackets and pants, black jeans, skull prints and accents with studs. Biker clothes are good for incorporating edgy tastes even if you don't ride bikes. It has no much color so you should be able to maintain a small collection.

35. Flamboyant fashion styles

Borromized by French flamboyance (flaming and wavy), these fashion trends are characterized with excitement, confidence and elegance. Flamboyance clothes can be of extraordinary style.

36. Garconne fashion style

Originated by France, Garconne style is modern and elegant, but simple with androgynous silhouettes. It's casual clothing ideal for days when there's a lack of clothes. You can just wear jean pants and wear it with a short-sleeved blouse and dazzling loafers. A rugged men's dress can be matched with a feminine piece.

37. Anti-fashion styles

The anti-fashion style is all about going against the popular looks and trends of the day. The grunge look is an example of anti-fashion at that time, as it was a sharp contrast to the preppy trend that was popular at the same time.

38. Haute Couture

The direct translation of Haute Couture from French is "high dressmaking", and implies that the fashion house is creating made-to-order clothes. Designers often design a special bespoke garment for celebrities and private clients. The fashion is expensive, but the creations are unique. Thus, it would not be a ready-to-wear outfit that you can buy from a store, but rather a unique clothing fitted especially for you. Italy hosts some of the most luxurious clothes brands in the world that offer both ready-to-wear and made-to-order fashion. Discover a wide range of high quality Italian fashion brands for your fashion needs.


How to select your fashion style?

If you are a person, concerned about your looks and the image you portray to others, and you feel your style is not exactly showcasing the best of your inner and outer self, you need to reevaluate your style. You need to create your Personal Style Guide (or Bible if you will) – a printed or digital outline of clothes and accessories examples, that will help you stay in line with your Guide and avoid making emotional purchases of items that will not match your closet.

Now that you’ve read what the characteristics of each style are, it’s important to note if you see yourself in any of them. Whether it is the lifestyle, models, the colors, materials or anything else that speaks to you, it is a signal this style may be right for you.

Buying expensive items that do not match with the rest of your garments or image is a mistake we want to avoid by giving you these guidelines and info. By selecting specific styles to follow will help you circumvent such purchases, as they’d fall outside your Personal Style Guide.

You can select several styles for your attire, and it may be different depending on the occasion and type of event. And you can experiment with mixing between styles whenever possible. However, we do advise that you try to focus on your everyday life, both work and personal, and make a plan on how you’d like to appear 7 days a week.

You may look at the Instagram stars you follow – which styles do you like, and which do you see yourself wearing? Note any outfits in magazines or TV shows.

Then, try to print out all outfits you have highlighted, or assemble them in a digital visual tool. Try to mix and match between them and see if the outfits work out. The aim is to purchase only items that will easily match with one another to create a diverse wardrobe that is harmonious as well.

Although this is an initial time and effort investment, after you set it up once, it will become a useful tool where you can easily try out new styles if you feel like experimenting. Of course, you don’t need to place each clothe you buy – if you get similar garments, feel free to leave these out if you wish. However, buying a new style item is advised to be first tried out visually before purchasing.

If you are particularly fond of an object, flower, animal or the like, you may want to focus predominantly on it and make it your statement element or personal ‘logo’. Some women are always wearing a tiara or brooch with a rose, for example. Or some men wearing various colorful bow-ties. These have become their personal distinguishes and you always think of the element when the person is mentioned.

Easy styling tricks for any outfit

There are a few easy ways to turn ordinary clothing into stylish outfits. Normally, if you are using a more exaggerated accessories, the clothing needs to be simpler. So, if your clothes are already attention-grabbing, then go low on the accessories.

However, if the clothes are conventional or monotonous, be brave and throw in your most screaming decorations.

Dramatic or Creative JEWELRY

The most creative way to add artistic flair to a daily look is to wear creative jewelry. Don't go for the diamond rings or pearl earrings. Instead choose an artisanal accessory that's originally made in the highest quality and looks like an object, or a piece of pure art. Make your style bold by dressing your outfit with creative ideas.

Unique Hats

A requirement for the royals, a hat will always add class to your outfit. Match the style and colors of the hat with the entire outfit to ensure a chic look. For example, a black blazer and pants with a white shirt is quite dull but completed with a stylish black and white brimmed hat will automatically shoot you out to the vogue stars level.

STATEMENT BAGS dolgi gabbana

Among the easiest ways to style a dull outfit is to add an artistic bag for an elegant look. This would usually mean a bag of bright color (red, fuchsia, orange are perfect), bigger in size or with impressive elements and decorations. You can go for a luxury brand or choose a more affordable option – the important thing is that the bag is extravagant or eye catching.

And if you would like to get a timeless bag that will always be in style, pick from our shortlist of 17 designer handbag classics.

What types of dresses are in style now?

The woman dress is among the most fascinating garments, that have undergone the most transformations over history. From enormous and voluminous dresses to tiny pieces of clothing, the silhouettes of the dresses have mirrored the women’s daily routines and special moments. Influenced by traditions, culture and various historic events, today we can enjoy an array of dress types, and in the bigger part of the world women can choose the dress length, model and style.

The number of dress types is really huge – even only counting the contemporary styles. Although we have seen each of them, it’s not common that we’d know the names of all styles. Choosing the most appropriate dress may be a challenge, thus we have outlined the 45 main contemporary types that are worn the most today to help you make the best choice for you.

If you are looking for a dress for a specific event, visit this link to read our guide on how to choose a dress for the various events. Weather you will be a bridesmaid, going to a cocktail party, or to a ball, our guide will point you to the most appropriate dresses for each occasion, with images included.

Check here to pick a dress by the length, and what types are offered in the specified length.

How to select the outfit colors?

The art of color matching is essential not only for your wardrobe, but also for your daily life and homey skills. Read our guide on what colors go well together – understand the basics of the color wheel and gain instant knowledge on outfit color coordination. We have concentrated on the colors for clothes and accessories, however the same rules apply to mixing colors when decorating or preparing a meal. The color circle is a universal system for mixing colors.

Our section on what colors go well together for any outfit explains in detail on how to choose the right colors.

What is the best way to mix and match different fashion styles?

We don't always follow a single style or color of clothing. Normally, we like certain types of fashion styles and sometimes like mixing and matching them. Certain styles go well with each other. New York style and edgy fashion styles are ideal for a minimalist while boho-chic and romantic styles are more often combined with a simple style. Victorians can mix minimal, biking, goth, edgy and many other styles listed. If you want to start a new style, start experimenting! As there are so many other fashion styles out there, you will need to get very creative and perhaps try out more daring combos, or look for the newest trends and combine with something of the recent past, as hip-hop or bohemian style.

Other fashion styles include:

Ankara Fashion Style

Arthoe Fashion Style

Afro-punk fashion


All-American fashion styles

Alpine fashion styles

Androgynous fashion styles

Angura Kei (Japanese street style)



Art Deco fashion styles

Art Nouveau



Babushka Bois

Beach Bum


Bollywood fashion styles

Bōsōzoku (Japanese street style)

BCBG (Bon chic, bon genre)

Bro (Bronies, Scrumbro, Snowbro, Surfer Bro, Tech Bro)

Bubble Goth


Celtic fashion styles

Cosplay Fashion styles

Cottage Core

Country fashion styles

Country Club

Creepy Cute

Cult Party Kei (Japanese street style)

Cyberpunk fashion styles

Dandy fashion styles

Dasakawa (dasai=lame & kawaii=cute; Tokyo street style)

Decora (short for “decoration”; Tokyo street style)


Disco fashion styles

Dolly Kei (Japanese street style)

Eastern fashion styles


Edgy fashion style

Elegant fashion style


English fashion style

Ero-Kawaii (Tokyo street style; erotic & cute)


Fairy Kei (Japanese street style)

Fetish fashion styles





Gangster fashion styles

Ganguro (Japanese street style)

Geek chic

Ghetto (fabulous)

Girly fashion style

Glam Rock

Gyaru (Japanese street style)

Gypsy fashion styles

Hadeko (“Hade” = gaudy; Tokyo street style)



Heavy Metal

Hippie fashion styles


House fashion styles

Indian fashion styles


Industrial fashion style

Ivy League fashion style

Kampala Blend fashion style

Kawaii (Japanese street fashion; cute, hip, cool, adorable)

Kimono Style (Japanese street style)


Kodona/Ouji/Boystyle (Tokyo street style)

Kogal (Japanese street style)

Kowa-Kawaii (Tokyo street style; scary & cute)

KPOP fashion style


Lagenlook fashion style


Lolita fashion style (Tokyo street style; multiple variations, such as Gothic Lolita, Black Loli)



Mad Max

Maternity fashion styles




Modest fashion styles

Mori Girl / Mori Kei (Japanese street style)

Native American



Neo(n) Goth


New Romanticism





Oshare Kei (Japanese street style)

Pastel Goth


Peeps (Japanese street style)




Pop Punk


Post-apocalyptic road warrior

Power Dressing

Prairie chic style

Psychedelic Fashion style

Psychobilly (a dark, rockabilly pinup style; Tokyo street style)




Retro Fashion styles

Rock (Rocker)






Scandinavian Minimalist

Scene fashion style







Sloane Ranger




Southwestern (American)




Surf (Californian)



Teddy Boys/Girls

Tiki Goth









Vintage / Retro


Visual Kei (Japanese street style)

Vibrant fashion style

Vsco Girl/Boy

Zoot Suiters

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