5 Gift Ideas to Say Sorry to Him

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5 Gift Ideas to Say Sorry to Him

Apologizing with words sometimes is not enough. Nor just buying a fluffy toy. At times like this, creativity comes to the rescue.

For men, we’d recommend giving a creative present with a message. Gifting an expensive present to a man would work only in relationships that are built this way as a start. Below are a few examples of gifts with a message that would show you really care:

A tie

This gift should come with a note in the line of “I’m tied to you forever” alongside the sorry message. Persuade him that you are one whole, and will need to live with each other's faults and forgive one another. Well, for this gift to work, you need to be sure he wants you tied to him first.

Browse our section for tie gift ideas for him;

A “get out of jail free” card

The card would allow him to get out of trouble with you without consequences for a single occasion. It may sound silly, but we guarantee he will greatly appreciate it, and at the same time will be an elegant way for you to get off the hook this time.

A “One Wish” card

Ahh, who doesn't dream of such a present. It would grant him one wish from you. Imagine the thoughts that will pass through his playful brain... But beware: do not give such a present if you think he may ask for too much, or include a disclaimer or wishes that cannot be asked for.

A romantic massage made by you

Make sure to master some general techniques, wear a new silk gown, and prepare with aromas. Theme it to a memory you have together - a holiday in the Maldives, a vanilla coffee you had on your first day, etc..

Luxury watch

Forget what we said in the beginning about buying expensive gifts for a man. If you really screwed up, it's time to take out the heavy artillery. 

We've got you covered for this one, as there are plenty of options right here:

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