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Best Wedding Dress Styles for 2023

Wedding dress guide

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How to choose your perfect bridal gown

Your ideal partner has the most gorgeous engagement ring on your finger, now you need to find the wedding dress of your dreams. You may have imagined yourself walking down an aisle dressed in silky asymmetrical dresses on your wedding day, or with a . But before making your choice from our collection of bride gowns, read our guide below.

So many beautiful wedding dress styles are available, you may feel lost as you need to choose only one! Once you know all about the various bridal styles, neckline, waist style, length and form of skirts, and the materials, it will be easier to select the perfect wedding dress for you. Discover the variety of necklines, from halters and scoops to sweetheart and illusion. Similarly varied is the fashion of the waistline and skirt options, allowing browsing through empires, princess silhouettes and more. And there are more fabric options than simply silk or lace! With our tips you can quickly reduce them to just a few options and feel confident with your selection.

We will start by presenting you with the most popular styles and silhouettes: mermaid, fitted skirts or dresses with a gown hem, A-line dresses, Mermaid wedding dress, sheath style and more.

Explore which style is best for your body type, what are the latest trends in bridal fashion, the fabrics variations, and valuable advice with Fashion Finder's ultimate guide on wedding dresses!

Tips when Shopping for a Wedding Dress Online

  1. Choose a bridal gown to suit your body type. View our tips herein on what are the perfect wedding dress styles for each.
  2. It is essential to know your measurements before deciding on your wedding dress to avoid trials and error and be sure the dress will suit you well.
  3. Since you can't view your wedding dress directly in person, it's also useful to know what fabrics are available for different kinds of dresses and to make your preferred choice.
  4. When you order online, most products ship immediately so you get a very quick order. To guarantee a worry-free online purchase is to thoroughly review its shipping and return policies before placing your order.

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

New bridal season verdicts have been announced — prepare to be amazed at new shapes, hemlines, embellishments, layers, and accessories. We present a hot list of the most desired bridal dresses and accessories trends, as part of a handy round-up of the 2023 collection. From boho brides to old-school glamour to tailoring, find the most beautiful designer wedding dress of 2023.

Two Piece Bridal Suit

We love this subversively chic look of combined bridal suits, ideal for the ceremony and the afterparty. The rise of micro weddings due to Covid-19 has led to the tailor-made suits that will take you from wedding day to night partying in the most modern way possible.

two piece wedding dress

Credit: Coastal Knot Bridal at Pinterest

Ballet Bridal

A popular dress for 2023 weddings is the ballet gown. The ultimate romantic effect, infinite layers of tulle are the way forward and if you feel like the princess of the year then the bride should really boost her. All texture is important to a maximalist bride. Imagine romantic ruffle sleeves and glamorous fabric textures that give a fairy tale feel.

ballet wedding dress

Credit: Sherry Oxley at Pinterest

Floral Wedding Gowns

Floaty feminine florals aren't only Spring - they've been seen throughout fashion week 2023. Even a simple flourish on the soft-feely textures adds elegance to the traditional style. As floral fabric and ornaments strengthen their place as bridal accessories for the upcoming season, they become more flexible.

flower wedding gown


Colorful Hues

Designers such as Allison Webb and Lazaro have introduced pastel colors to the upcoming season. The enduringly popular white was swapped out for blush and plum during some 2023 bridal flings. Although we believe this trend will not take over the white gown, if you are an experimenter and enjoy being different, this is a perfect time to get married and celebrate with a colorful wedding dress!

colorful bridal gown

Boho Brides

Romantic, whimsical and elegant, boho vibes will stay. A boho outfit can be an elegant choice for a relaxing wedding at the beach or in an old barn. Think calm, easy and effortless. Some boho models made it to the Fall Bridals 2021 New York.

boho bride 3 boho bride 2 boho bride 1


Old-School Glamour

Glamorous vintage dresses of old style are not going anywhere! Madeline Gardner shows us a fashion event that took place in New York in Fall 2023.

old school wedding gown


Wedding Dress Styles

We present you some of our finest bridal dresses we found online for your wedding inspiration. We are certain you will like most of the wedding dresses as they are uniquely charming. But, which one is the best match for you?

The bridal dresses range from traditional to classic, including A-line dresses, Ball gowns, short options, simple beach dresses and other styles. Have a recollection and inspiration and find one that makes your dream of a wedding come true in 2023.

A-Line Wedding Dress Styles

The A-line wedding dresses have an elasticated waistline that emphasizes the bust and belly and a flared skirt that extends towards the ground in shape A. This is one of the most popular and most versatile styles, and it works with most body types and virtually all hemlines and skirts. From luxury designers to affordable options, this is among the most popular models. Perfect for a beautiful pear-shaped body as it distracts attention away from hips and bottoms towards waist, bust, and the lovely bridal face and hairstyle.

Ball Gowns

The ball gown is what you envision when you think about the Princess bridal dress and a fairy tale wedding. Ball gowns can look fantastic on anyone's body shape and give royal vibes on the big day, perhaps only the petite brides may need to consider the exact model as it may be overwhelming for a very fine figure. A fitted bodice with a voluminous skirt of several layers, and usually with a supportive petticoat, it is a dream come true for thousands of brides around the world.

Sheath/Column Wedding Dress

A sheath wedding dress (also named columns wedding dress) is a closely fitting straight dress (hence the name column). Occasionally the knee may be with minor flare, but not as much as in the mermaid. They look great on slender body shapes and are quite versatile in necklines and textiles.

Strapless Wedding Dress

The strapless dress has become the trendiest style of the last few years with an elastic neckline that is self-describing. It fits tightly around the upper body without strapping and attracts attention to the collarbone and decollete. These styles are usually combined with a gown type skirt or A-lines.

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress Styles

This sleeveless silhouette will remain and will be included in these classic necklines as well. The off the shoulder is perfectly combined with almost every hem style: from A-line to a gown. Ideal for brides with more narrow and round shoulders.

Mermaid and Trumpet Wedding Dress Styles

The Mermaids are dramatic long dresses with curves following the body contours and flaring from the knee down - the shape of the Mermaid's tail. This is an incredible silhouette suitable mainly for hourglass figures. Not as dramatic as the Mermaid dress, the Trumpet silhouette is similar to the Mermaid, however it flares from the tights down with a leg elongation effect.

Simple Silhouettes Wedding Dress Styles

In the future era of micro-weddings, the clean, elegant and simple silhouette is going to stay this season. Think simple, figure-hugging lines like the Romon Keveza gown from the New York Bridalism Festival Fall 2020.

Simple wedding dress
Simple Silhouette Wedding Gown

Basque / Corset Wedding Dress

The corset, a style which began appearing on fashion magazines in the early '90s, has continued to grow. The characteristic of this dress is the “V” shaped waistline, located lower than the regular waistline, creating a very feminine and classy look. In the bridal shows this dress always enjoys a lot of attention and we just love the style.

Empire Waist Wedding Dress

The quality feature of the Empire waist wedding dress is the higher waistline, positioned right below the bust. The bodice is fitted, often with a straight neckline or straps, and the skirt slightly flares from the waist down. A very feminine dress, it is suitable for most body types as it shifts the accent away from the belly and hips areas. Ideal for expecting brides as well.

Tea Length Bridal Dresses

Although not a popular choice, the Tea length wedding dress embrace the richness of a ballgown, but with a shorter length, making it much more convenient and less formal. If you are looking for a more modest look and the ability to move around freely on your wedding day, but don’t want to give up the classy appearance, a Tee length may be a great choice.

Short Wedding Dresses

Not all brides want their ball gowns. The diversity of short wedding dresses is growing as brides choose to break from tradition. From tea dresses to ballerina styles to throwback 50's, bold mini dresses and white cocktail dresses, the vogue of wedding dresses now includes several short options if your dream dress is short.

Lehenga Wedding Dress

A lehenga is an Indian wedding dress. Unlike traditional weddings, brides do not wear white to show remembrance and sorrow. Instead, a colorful sari is chosen reflecting their area of origin. We have included this dress type to bring in some color to this mostly white article. Plus, they are gorgeous!

Gautam Khullar Photography gautamkhullar1-639x800
Lehenga - the Indian Wedding Dress. Credit: Gautam Khullar Photography

Wedding Dress Necklines

The neckline of a dress is equally important as the skirt and may change the entire vision of the gown. Thus, choosing the proper neckline is of key importance to the perfect bridal look. Below are the main neck lines used for bridal gowns.


The Sweetheart variation from strapless neckline forms a heart shape around the bust, bringing a little depth. It is available as a semi-sweetheart model which is less plunged. Illusion neck combines the sweetheart with a tulle neckline for more support.



Boats have long round necklines that mimic boat shape, which the name implies. It is often accompanied with open-back, for brides seeking a dramatic retro look. Tracy Autem & Lightly Photographer.


V Neck

With the shape of a V, this neckline is ideal for brides looking to portray a longer torso. Usually combined with straps or sleeves, the V can be slight or deep, and is among the common necklines for s wedding dress.

Square neckline

Square necks are standard choices for A-line dresses, but it looks excellent with an empire. It displays some degree of cleavage and should also be worn by brides with fuller bust.



This is a one-shoulder neckline, usually with one strap or sleeve at one side, and a bare shoulder on the other. Perfect for a more artistic look.


Another beautiful wedding dress neck option, it provides a royal look. It can be combined with all types of skirts and may look excellent on both fuller bust and smaller bust ladies.


Although not that common for a wedding dress, the halter is an excellent choice if you would not like a lot of exposure and accent on your bust.

Best Fit Wedding Dresses by Body Types

Wedding dress styles come in all cuts, and it is a challenge finding the style that is best for you. The best bridal gowns are the ones that enhance your figure and bring out the beauty of your silhouette. We may be in love with a certain model, but it is best to pick the one that would fit our body perfectly even if it's not our first favorite line.

Below are our tips on the main wedding dress styles and which body type they are perfect for:

Petite Brides

For petite brides below 160 cm we recommend the A-Line wedding dress style, as it will define the bust and waist, especially if complemented with a V neck. The long hem allows for higher heels without them being obvious, which may benefit a petite figure if the height is convenient enough. A petite bride may look stunning in a short wedding dress as well.


Brides with an Hourglass Figure

If you your figure is of the hourglass shape, a feminine style such as the mermaid gown will underline your silhouette perfectly. With the fitted bodice and hip line, the model will follow the contour of the body’s natural shape. The flaring from the knees down will emphasizes your forms even more.


Brides with A Pear Shape

Flared, Empire waist and A-line wedding dresses with a fitted waistline are the most flattering models for pear shaped bodies, as they would skim past the widest part of the body. The best approach is to draw attention away from the widest part (the hips) and concentrate on a defined waist, and to create an illusion of volume on the upper body. Avoid narrow collars, and instead use an off-shoulder, bateau or halter neckline.


Brides with An Apple Body Shape

As this figure is characterized with little to no waist definition, it is advisable to pull the emphasis away from the waist and create a visual illusion of a waistline, by adding a mid or high waistline, volume at the lower body, and loose around the tummy area. A dress with an A-Line and an Empire waist gown are appropriate.


Rectangular body types

Brides with this shape should focus on emphasizing the waistline. It’s advisory to add volume both on the upper and lower body. The Empire waist gown, as well as the Ball gown styles are the preferred choice. Avoid the Column types of wedding dresses, unless nipped at the waist with an emphasized beltline.


Inverted triangle body types

With this body type the brides need to de-emphasize the upper body by adding volume to the hips and lower body. An A-Line and flared skirt dress are a good choice. V neck, halter and one-shoulder bodices are appropriate. Avoid the off-shoulder and deep and narrow necks.


Tall brides

Ladies of height look marvelous in a ball gown, which are not very suitable for petites. Avoid high heels and Sheath/Column wedding dress styles, as these would make you look even taller.

Wedding Dress Fabrics

Let me start off with wedding gown fabrics. Although "fabric" can seem like misnomers, the following textures are not really textiles but finishes. These finishes have many types of fabrics including wool or polyester. To be more precise, we just want to use fabric in their descriptions. Some wedding gown fabrics are different from the five shown below. These are some of their most commonly used and knowing them will help you navigate any bridal boutiques.


Satin is a popular and luxuriant wedding garment. The heavier material makes them perfect for layered dresses. It may be quite unforgiving depending on the cut of the gown so consider your figure when determining a satin wedding gown. Alyse French Photography. It should help you find a wedding dress that fits perfectly with your body shape. If you are in search of inspiration, please visit our Inspiration Page.


Chiffon is remarkably light and airy and is ideal for destination weddings. Because the material is lightweight is usually paired with heavier fabric. It’s worth keeping a careful eye on the fabrics, as they tend to fray easily. Tracy Autem & Lightly Photographer.


Organza is sheer and lightweight fabric, but unlike Chiffon the fabric is rigid and holds shape. It works great with full skirts, but you should be aware as the garment will easily crease. Twilight Photographers and Video Productions Ltd.


It’s woven with an elegant drape with lovely sheen. Typically, they are made of silk or synthetic materials. Charmeuse is often worn with sheath/column gowns. Fabrics are certainly sophisticated but be careful and they may reveal flaws in their workmanship.


Laces are open-weaving fabrics and add refined elegance and refinement to any dress. Its use normally occurs in overlays and details in many forms and is especially popular in the bridal sector. With its gentle and beautiful appearance, it’s among the most important textiles for a wedding dress.

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